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Metropolitan School District of Perry Township Reviews

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I enjoyed the diversity of the township and how you got to experience different types of people. I feel like something that could be worked on is inclusivity of everyone because sometimes it would feel divided into groups. I also feel that there could be more done to prepare for college.
I liked the diversity there. There are also great teachers who really care about you and your future. They are there to help you. There are also many clubs at msdpt. They recently added lacrosse a year or two ago. High school was a good experience. It did have its ups and down but overall it was pretty good.
Perry Meridian High School is the best high school to be at. I enjoy going there everyday because there is school spirit, great peers, great teachers, and more. If you are enrolled in an AP course, the teachers prepare you well for the tests that come in May. Students work hard and the teachers are amazing. The school is one of the best because there are many clubs, sports, and extracurricular actives to do. The school offers plenty of opportunities to receive scholarship awards and are making sure that students are doing their best.
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I attended Perry Township throughout my entire schooling career. I was very pleased with the diversity within the school, along with the many students attitudes toward the school. The teachers were extremely helpful when I looked for guidance, and they went above and beyond about their jobs.
Perry has treated me well the past four years. It’s a fairly average school. Most highschools I’ve visited have better facilities or better academia. However, Perry thrives in its student body diversity, it’s school culture, and it’s staff and faculty. I’ve found that Perry keeps true to what it means to be a Falcon and to be proud. It’s a good school. And I think I’ve learned over the years that the most important thing in a school is not what it appears to be on the outside, but what it can offer you and the peers around you on the inside.
This school district has been my home since kindergarten, facilitating my learning growth for almost 13 years. All schools are in great conditions, with numerous construction projects to continually improve facilities. Out of the dozens of teacher I've had, I've only really had two teachers I didn't really like, however they do not outweigh the other dozens of amazing, dedicated teachers I've encountered in my education in this township. My high school offers many classes and activities not available in other schools, such as a student-run newspaper and a leadership group. I am proud to be from Perry Township, as they've shaped me into the dedicated student I am today.
It has a nice environment, the amount of teachers to students is to where you will get close to at least one or two of them to help you through your Journey.
Perry Meridian High School was a great place to be, once you found where you fit it. I fit in with the music department and it was my favorite part of the day. The people are so passionate. The choir teacher/musical director was so devoted to her students and really looked out for us.
I really like this school, the faculty and faculties are great environment for learning and success.
I have always had an overall good experience with MSDPT. The staff has always been nice and understanding. Whenever a student is going through some rough things at home, the staff and teachers are always quick to lend a helping hand and do anything they can. This district has a way of making everyone feel included and make sure they have the help they need, no matter your ethnicity or background. I love all the diversity in this district. Everywhere you turn, you see a person of a different ethnicity. Also, the staff in this district genuinely seem to care about the kids and make sure they receive the best education and help possible.
I enjoyed the diverse atmosphere that I have witnessed throughout my time in Perry Township. The opportunities to thrive for students are there, and has set me up for a bright future because of taking higher level classes.
I think that it is a great township that tries to give their students lots of opportunities for success.
What I like about this school district is the way they treat students. They all treat students equally. However, what I would like to see the change is dress code. This school district needs to be more strict in dress code policy. The reason is because some students wear inappropriate clothes most of the time.
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