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Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township Reviews

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I attend Lawrence north high school in Marion county and overall I love this place. The environment is very friendly and the teachers are so kind and more than welcome to listen to any problems the students are going through.

Though one thing I wish would change in this school is the amount of drama that people are involved in. The students here care too much about what the other students have to say or think. I like to stay to myself and not get involved in foolish charades.
It is a very good school to attend. The teachers genuinely care about you as a person and about you learning. Everyone does their part to keep the school and the district functioning. The positive attitudes make everyone want to be at work or school. I would like to see more people involved in school activities or school spirit.
I absolutely loved going to Lawrence Central !! I ran track and cross country there and we had an awesome team and coaches. As far as academics i can truly say Lawrence Central set me up for success going into college, had special classes teaching us how to write essays correctly, even taught us about filing taxes it was truly a great high school experience
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I would like more involvement of administrators(namely guidance counselors) when they notice people start having slip ups in grades that don't seem characteristic, because so many people I know if they had would have gotten better chances at colleges, talk to the student. It also has an issue with fighting, so far this march I've seen about 11 fights throughout. Sure it was handled fast but it seems to be an issue.
I have had a child in this school district for the past 11 year and love it. The school district gives the parents lots of choices in their children's education. They are the kind of district that you move into and never move again. I love that the school district takes the performing arts serious and know that they are a great learning tool.
I attend Lawrence Central, and I can't imagine wanting to attend any other high school. Everyone hears rumors about LC and its "being ghetto" and whatnot, but in truth LC is an amazing school that is diverse and exciting! The teachers are some of the best people I've ever met, and the students make LC the always interesting place that it is.
Great teachers and staff that really want to see you exceed in their classrooms and beyond. They don't put up with any riff raff, but they make sure you get your fair grade in the class.
I have been in Lawrence township since I was in kindergarten and I am now in the 12th grade. Throughout my 12 years in Lawrence Township I can honestly say that I've had a pretty good experience. Most of the teachers really seem to care about the students, and will take time to help students out if necessary.
Lawrence Township overall has had it's ups and downs. The school system has offered me incredible academic and extra curricular opportunities that I know are not offered everywhere, such as IB and Tri-Hi-Y. Also, I believe the rich diversity in all aspects (i.e. race, background, subjects taught) has made me a much more understanding and rounded person than I would have been had I belonged to a different community. However, I have had some poor experiences with teachers that are not as highly qualified as I would like. One of my IB teachers did not seemed well equipped for the rigor, rules, and overall atmosphere of the IB program, and I think it may have negatively affected my results. Overall, I can't imagine having grown up in any other district. This is my home.
Lawrence Township provides students with opportunities to succeed in and out of the classroom at the highest level while providing a real world cultural experience. With high schools competitive nationally in both performing arts and athletics, middle schools that offer programs dedicated to fluency in Spanish, and elementary schools with specialties ranging from art to science, Lawrence Township offers a plethora of avenues in which students can differentiate themselves and excel while doing so. The demographics of Lawrence Township mimic that of the real world and the schools and community are outwardly inclusive of all ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Having attended Lawrence Township schools from kindergarten through high school, I truly believe that I was aptly prepared for college and the real world ahead.
Lawrence Township seems like one of the best school systems in Indianapolis, they have vocational programs of their students. They offer different options for their students as far as what schools they want to attend because different schools offer different types of curriculum's. Their transportation is very community based they try to make sure they cater to all the communities needs.
I went to school in the Lawrence Township School system my entire life and I couldn't imagine a better place to go to school. The people who work in this district sincerely care about the individual lives of every student. I would definitely want my child to go to school here because I know how great it is.
I love Lawrence North because they have a very strong music program. They helped me learn more about music and how they helped with my music skills. They had guidance counselors that were engaged with their students and making sure that they stayed on track for graduation.
Lawrence Township has some really great teachers, faculty, and opportunity. Its a wonderful place despite past mistakes.
My time at Lawrence North High School was nice. The students and teachers make you feel like you are at home. The teachers are helpful and create good relationships with students. The sports are always competitive and we have a lot of talent. The block schedules help students stay organized with work and other things. The food from the cafeteria makes everything better.
I loved my school it is an open district meaning anyone could attend I liked the core values the school had. Also I really like the many sports that they had to offer.
I loved the environment of Lawrence township. The school district is outstandingly diverse. I would like to see the administration change and the food.
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Overall, Lawrence Township is not a horrible township. It is very diverse and has wonderful staff. However, I wish they had a more personal acedemic plan for each student.
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