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I liked that it was ver diverse. When given the proper resources to be successful, the schools did very well.
The schools are over crowded. Bullying is a big problem. I would love to see the schools get the resources they need.
I've been enrolled in the MNPS system since I first began school and unfortunately I will graduate within the same system. Throughout the years theres been pros and cons. The teachers were friendly but not the best at teaching. Admistration was never great or helpful. The school spirit was never enforced or encouraged, unless of course you got along well with the administration or on the football. Overall, I would recommend parents to enroll their children in another neighboring system.
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I have not had the best experience in MNPS. The high school I attend has at least five fights a month with little consequences to those involved. When consequences are put in place they are not consistent or followed through with. This year, I had five teachers quit and many more threaten to leave because they did not feel safe at work. I feel that because of this, teachers are kind to students who do not do their work, do not come to class, and are rude to try to protect themselves from possible harm. I also do not agree with how Metro schools rarely get out of school for bad weather. There have many days where I have driven to school on icy roads and arriving to a parking lot covered in a layer of snow so deep that I could not see the lines. Metro has also been the only district open on days that all surrounding counties are closed. From my experience, I believe that there is no discipline in Metro schools for students or faculty.
My experience at a MNPS school is average. The staff tries it’s best to keep us safe and secure from intruders. Alongside the academics, I like that the marking scheme is pretty much simple. Teachers don’t pressure you with your work, they ended up helping you so that you can become a educated individual.
I went to a magnet school in Metro, and I always felt safe and challenged. The other students wanted to excel as well, so there was good competition around me. I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else. Things did get a little hectic with the changing of the director and constant construction in my school though. 4/5
it’s great i love the IB program, and they really prepared me for college. i love my history teacher right now, paul troy, and my opinion on him is that he can teach really well and his scores are highly successful.
I wish that the teachers were better experienced and they wanted the kids to learn more than what they do. The children here are becoming worse over the years and you can seek the downfall
McGavock High School sets every student up for job opportunities. There are academies at our school and each one is based on a different career field. We have Aviation and Transportation, Life science and Law, Digital Design and Communication and lastly Hospitality and Finance. Each one has various co-op opportunities and internships a student can take part in. McGavock has a vast amount of resources a student can utilize.
The school is okay. I enjoy the fact that we are a very diverse district. This allows me to discover new things.
I do like that there is a lot of diversity in public schools. I am able to meet people from different backgrounds and learn a lot about them.
My experience with Metro Nashville Public Schools has been great. The teachers from the schools I have been to really care about their students. They push you to do your best. They are one-on-one with you.
Very good about inclusion of all incomes, family situations , races , and everything. Sometimes I feel that things that should be priorities are not prioritized. Also, adjustments need to be made to specific school , not as whole. Certain schools need things that not all other schools need.
Hume Fogg has the best teachers and the supportive environment is everything. People don't look down on you and don't discourage you from doing somehting.
Metro Nashville Public Schools do a fantastic job at creating a safe and welcoming environment for students to grow and thrive in. However, making more college resources available to the students would better prepare them for the college application process.
MNPS has a wide variety of programs available for students but the organization and communication throughout the district is lacking.
My experience with Metro hasn't been the best. I was first put in Metro when I started elementary school. From what I can remember, those were great years. My teachers were willing to help me and I made life long friends. During 5th and 6th grade, I went to a charter school, and then back to Metro for middle school and high school. The transition back to Metro was not tough because the work load and quality wasn't as intense as my charter school. I noticed that the teachers weren't as hands on with students like my old school. I felt that was unfair to the students and teachers. They should've been properly equipped with the necessary training to lead students to their chosen life goals. Going into my senior year, administration has tried to implement training for teachers to be more humanistic in their classrooms. During the first week of school, my school did Royal Introductions, which included building morale among classmates and teachers.
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I had a great experience with Metro Nashville Public Schools. I graduated in May 2017 from Mcgavock High School, and absolutely loved that school and everything that came with it. I was in Metro Nashville Public Schools my whole life up until I graduated highschool and never once had a problem with the system.
I would like if they changed the lunch meals offered to students. Overall, great schools. They have great faculties, at least the school I attended. A lot of them are invested in the student's education and wants us all to succeed and graduate.
Overall, my experience with Metro Nashville Public Schools has been very good. I have been able to succeed in every class I have taken since I moved to the area in 2012 for 6th grade. While Hillwood High School is a good school, the environment is not the best, but I feel very welcomed by teachers and students that I come in contact with.
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