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Unbelievable teachers, and all around friendly staff who only want you to succeed. They make sure you know that you're a priority to them, and will be there to help every step of the way.
Methuen Schools aren’t horrible, but they aren’t great either. The teachers only care as much as you do which is good when preparing for high school. On the downside since it is public you see a lot of everything. People smoking in bathrooms and kids getting in fights left to right. If you have a good mentality and are going to schoolchildren to learn not to “chill” you’ll do just fine. The school isn’t as strict as you’d think it is, an everything is done on the iPad. It is modern.
I think Methuen Public Schools has a lot to offer especially at the High School. The newly renovated school is much better than the old one and has many more course offerings and technology. My suggestion would be to start talking more college info in junior year. I felt like when did it in senior year I was wishing we knew the information earlier.
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Most teachers are great and really care about their students. The school was very clean and fairly new while I was there. Food in the cafeteria is alright, chicken nuggets with fries were always reliable. Genuinely enjoyed the time I spent here. Atmosphere is good, but people need to learn how to walk in the hallways. Football games were always fun.
The teachers that I have had at methuen public schools have been outstanding. They have a true passion for teaching and are willing to give extra help to those who need it.
I loved methuen high and all Methuen public schools. A diverse environment where I've met my best friends. This school system has shaped me to be the women I am today and I would not change where I got my education for anything.
I've received a great education! My teachers are all amazing and really take the time to get to know me.
Methuen has great educators that are passionate about their work. They offer advanced classes in a completely remodeled HS with state of the art Science labs. You get a quality education for free!
My whole education has been with the Methuen school system. I have had excellent teachers from kindergarten to high school and the sense of community is incredible. I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience.
Methuen public school is a great place to get a good education. I started off in first grade. It was real easy to make friend's and get involved throughout my years in school.
Great environment to work in! Great 1:1 iPad with a brand new building to study in. The JROTC program really intrigued me to come to Methuen High rather than other schools.
Methuen High is a very diverse and well developed academic facility. The staff is very nice and dedicated to helping students learn.
I have spent more than half of my life in Methuen Public Schools. Although I have had my fair share of bad experiences with the schools or the teachers, I have had a pleasant experience for the most part. I very much enjoyed being a student of the Methuen Public Schools since kindergarten and have watched the system grow as a whole for the better. If I myself were to reside in the Methuen area in the future, I would trust my children with the Methuen Public Schools system.
Methuen Public Schools has a great environment and is very helpful in pursuing your dreams. They push you to the limit and educate you on the necessary materials that you will need later in life.
A very enjoyable high school experience. The new building is amazing and much better and more efficient than the old one. The school administration is readily accessible and always available to answer questions.
Hello, all my child is currently attending a school located in the city of Methuen. While he gets the assistance that he needs his younger sibling went in for an evaluation for an IEP program and the feedback that I received was not up to core. The letter documentation in regards to the eligible was basically copied from another student and pasted into my child's response. I know this because things that my child was not tested for was under the evaluation as well as the other student's name and when I asked why the respond was not taking ownership instead they stated it was an error. My oldest child does get a lot of assistance where needed however I am unpleased with the way they handle the cases for EIP even with a doctor's referral on hand.
The school system has enough resources that every student gets the attention they need and the challenges they require to excel.
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Methuen High School has been the greatest thing in the whole wide world. IT IS AWSEOME AND COOL! I love the football Friday nights, and the teachers are just amazing. Life is great here in Methuen
I like how diverse everyone is. I've been to methuen public schools my whole life and they are great. Everyone is accepted and the teachers try to help you succeed.
Methuen High School was a great academic setting. The one complaint would be in regards to the arts. A lot of funding was threatened to be taken away from theatre, music, and visual arts. The funding instead had priority in sports. There was a lot of students pressured into taking AP courses when they were not ready which resulted in poor scores on AP tests and report cards.
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