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I went to Methacton for 5 years and I liked it better than when I was in private school. I made a great group of friends that I still hang with and it has been 7 years. The school district is amazing, academics and sports are up there which is great for many students and parents. I loved the district and hope to teach there myself one day!
There is a diverse student body and most of the teachers actively work to promote respect among students. Parents in this district are heavily involved, which broadens the activities available to students.
I had a great experience for the most part at Methacton. The teachers are great and the curriculum is challenging enough to set me up for success in college.
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Methacton High School, academically it is a decent school to attend if you are taking honors and AP courses. Some of the academic teachers get frustrated very easily or put in less effort to teach as the end of the year approaches.
Methacton has great sports programs. Our athletic director gives us a lot more opportunities than most other schools. For example the cheer team is able to go and compete with other schools, districts, and teams throughout the state. While other schools cheer teams are not allowed to compete, they are only given the chance to cheer for games. One thing that I wish Methacton did differently was how they handled the teachers that went on strike, it caused more school days for the students to make up during their break. Methacton does have its ups and downs but the overall experience was good.
They have a great music program with lots of unique opportunities. I have been in 4 different music ensembles while attending. They have great supports for learning disabilities. They do need to update the high school. It is old and needs many improvements.
It's an overall good school district. The atheltics are decent for some sports and not so much for others. Some teachers don't pay enough attention to the students or don't even really teach.
Methacton School District has good teachers, facilities, and resources. It is a safe school and the administration cares about the schools students safety and ability to learn.
The elementary schools were great. The high school needs to do a better job of integrated all the clubs and sports. There is no school spirit. There is also a few teachers who need to go! Need to provide more HS courses for the average student and not just focus on AP classes. School district is good for the extremes of intellect but not the middle.
I had a wonderful experience throughout Methacton School District. I attended K-12 - Audubon Elementary, Arcola Intermediate, and Methacton High Schools. I truly value my experience throughout this school system and feel that it helped prepare me for both undergraduate and graduate studies.
Methacton High School provides students with the opportunity to challenge themselves in a safe, fun, and intriguing learning environment. Teachers, staff and School Board Members are engaged and interested in the success of their students both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. The counselors are helpful with the upper class students who are preparing for college studies. There are many ways to get involved socially such as clubs, music and athletic teams and the student body has a lot of school spirit which lends itself to expressing how proud and happy we are to be students within this school district and community. There is much more to being book smart, and Methacton School District is rated excellent because it offers much "more" to their students so when we graduate, we are well-rounded individuals and will be successful in the real world.
It is small enough that you get to know your classmates over all your years. Some of the teachers show a real concern and understanding of the struggles that we go through.
Had some great teachers, had a few AWFUL ones. Variety of sports and clubs was great. One teacher in particular was exceptionally and unnecessarily rude to students, sometimes calling them inappropriate names and yet nothing was done.
Everyone is pretty moderate and relaxed for the most part. Competition between the students is pretty high and stressful.
I think it is great that a lot of underclassmen get invited to prom as friends by upperclassmen. It shows great school culture that upperclassmen are such close friends with the underclassmen. My brother went to the school prom with his entire wrestling team as well as their dates. Also, there is great involvement and commitment by the members of the wrestling team who often hang out and work out outside of team practices. This is how lifelong friendships are formed and made. I went to a high school that was very unlike Methaction for my freshmen and sophomore year and wish I could have gone to Methaction.
I would like to see more diversity, overall I had a good experience, most teachers are helpful and I have made some great friends.
Methacton had always had a supportive group of teachers that helped me to be able to get where I am now. They have a lot of clubs to reach out to others.
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All of the teachers at Methacton seem to care very much about their students, in one way or another. If you explain a problem you have, or a criticism on their teaching, they take it with genuine understanding. My biggest criticism would be that Methacton seems to care too much about academics- it is a school, I know, but there are reasons behind everything, and not every kid is raised the same way. Students need breaks, not ten hours of homework every night and to be judged by their test scores. The counselors, try as they may, need more training on college preparation, as mine couldn't answer any of my questions and, as a first generation student, I needed all the help I could get. Methacton has amazing teachers and amazing opportunities, but sometimes it needs to think about the personal lives of its students.
Good people and community. Poor financial decisions taken at the highest level of the district unfortunately. This will raise taxes on homeowners in the area and cause people to eventually move out.
Methacton is a very good school. The teacher do a very good job of connecting with the students and explaining everything in detail. Also the kids that attend this high school are respectful and well managed. The only thing I would say I don’t like about it is the lunches. They need to improve.
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