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I like how mesquite is very serious about our education and safety. They ensure that we get the very best education and make it entertaining at the same time. I’ve very much enjoyed my time in mesquite and will miss it very much when I’m gone
Mesquite independent school district is a great place for students to attend. We recently had a school shooting scare in the district. Because of the districts procedures no one was hurt and the people suspected of the shooting were caught.
I love how ALL of the teachers and staff help out with everything around the school. Especially how they teach the students. They always have something new for us to do everyday. The principal of my high school engages with his students.
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I think MESQUITE needs more diversity with teachers , Administration , and principles. My kids have been in Mesquite District one, a graduate of North Mesquite High School and the other middle school or at Kimbrough Middle School. The the teachers don't do enough for entertaining the students in making school fun, especially AP classes. They don't award the students who are academically incline ...not enough encouragement.
MISD, tends to focus more on its student athletes rather than their academic or fine arts populations, other organizations are often neglected.
Mesquite ISD is a very good school district that is involved in the community. It has growing resources for the students and improves each year.
Its academic program is above average, however, it lacks consistency school to school, as well as class to class.
Most of the teachers do their absolute best to provide the best education possible to the students of Mesquite ISD. Again, the effort amongst teachers lacks consistency as a few teachers do not.
There is a large emphasis on sports throughout the district, taking away from fine arts and other programs. If you value sports, this district is for you, as you get majority of funding.
Mesquite indendent school district tries their best to make each student’s experience a good experience. They want children to be engaged in learning and other activities and organizations available at their schools. I would like to see change in allowing students to have more freedoms, especially in their high schools. It would be nice to have a more college-type environment as a high schooler, at least for upper classmen.
Not a bad place right now, but in recent years there has been changed to the Mesquite community. Not all bad changes, but not all good. Although we have become extremely diverse, this diversity has increased the number of people in the poor parts of town. Along with this bring drugs and violence to schools. In my 17 years of living in Mesquite, I have never felt threatened for my life, scared for my future, or worried about my friends. I love Mesquite, but change is happening because of the income of people living off of government welfare. Overall, Mesquite is my hometown, and I love to brag about my adventures running the streets with my group of friends that were more like family than anything growing up.
I would love to see more motivated college applicants. There should be more information available for scholarship opportunities. The district should find a way to motivate more people to apply to college.
I love how all the teachers have patience and want to see each student succeed. I wish there was more outside senior events though. Overall, it’s an amazing school district.
Mesquite is known for being a tightknit community and puts its students first. The environment can be more spirited but tries its best to keep everyone involved
Mesquite independent school district is very welcoming to every student who attends their school, and teachers try to help students reach their biggest goals.
There are really nice students at my school and there are really good teachers and there are also not really good ones and I think they should change the food.
I have been part of the mesquite isd school district for 12 years and I have never had a problem with how they handle certain situations. They always include a welcoming experience and always put the safety of the students above all. Mesquite isd has always been built to support students and lead them to success.
Mesquite ISD is very supportive for example when a student passed away every teacher in West Mesquite raised money. Any penny counted, the Ready, Set, Teach student program donated a fundraisers profit as well as more money given by students.
I how MISD is more organized that any other districts they help students achieve goals and they have the best staff/teachers.
West mesquite was a great experience, overall had fun and was involved in band which made my four years even better. If anything could change it should be the food because it is not that great, but overall a great school.
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The students and teachers are amazing but the cleanliness of the schools are poor. The teachers always put the students first and make students feel welcome and mentally secure.
What I like about MISD is that they care about their students a lot. Every teacher I've had in MISD is nice and respectful. MISD put students first and make sure students achieve the best in education. What I would like to be changed is what any student would want which is give more freedom to students, like giving open campus lunch or allowing certain things the school doesn't already allow.
Mesquite Independent School District really cares about their students and their well-being, that is why I like this district so much. However, I do wish this district would better their lunch menu. Many students do not like the school lunch menu, which means they do not eat. For students to succeed and be focus on school, they need to be healthy and feel encouraged to learn. Aside from all that though, the district is very welcoming and has one of the best academic percentages in Dallas-Fort Worth area.
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