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Mesabi East School District Reviews

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GREAT SCHOOL! Best in the area! The food is horrible though, my child comes home crying because the food is horrendous.
While the things you can take at the school are great with a wide range of sports and clubs for the size it is out weighed by bulling at the school as i have been bullied in almost all my classes while teachers who are great for the most part watch on. 1 time i went up to a teacher and asked if they could do something and they proceeded to say i started it as i was just trying to do my work and this is just not a 1 year thing this has happened to me every year from 6th-10th grade so unless you have a smart kid who can stand up for themselfs everyday don't chose mesabi east
The teachers are great and willing to go the extra mile. They are there to go to for academic help anytime. The stay as late as you need them to, and if you have personal problems they are easy to talk to. We are offered a lot of sports and extra curricular activities. A new sports center will be built this summer. Our school is open every night for all the students. There is tudoring and community activities always going on. We now have started a Reach program to help us be ready for college. We visit a lot of schools and get help with registering for college.
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Like the school. Some thigns could be better about it like discipline actually making students stop doing things wrong. Teachers could use less resources online and make there own assignments as well. Other then that good to me.
administration is really against Post Secondary Education options when they should be pushing students to do so. The Teachers are very nice and professional and at times they can be a good friend to you. Many of the adults there support your decisions but they need to step down on punishments. They look past some bullying situations but in other cases they can be very good at handling things like those.
Great school with amazing teachers! I am proud to have my children in this school! K-12 in one great building, several gyms to use, small class sizes allow our children to focus and learn!
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