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The school district is very good and provides a great learning environment for its students and teachers.
What I like about the Mesa unified school district is that they have the resources to give us as students all the help that we need when we are struggling with something either in school or out of school.
It is a great district. They give you opportunities to attend a college classes. I currently go to Mountain View, which is awesome. I also do classes at MCC.
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I attend Mountian View High School in the mesa district and my experience is great. Staff and students are very committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all communities. They really care for the success of the student.
During the pandemic, I think Mesa Public Schools is doing a great job on when it is best to return for schools. I've been in Mesa Public schools my whole life and the teachers are supportive and want the best for each and every student. However, some students are not cooperating well with teachers and seem to be uninterested in school. I think the most thing that I hope that mesa public schools would Improve is adding classes that are important in the future but also adding fun classes where we can socialize with others and just have fun because we need to get out more and socialize with others.
I love how the teachers make it priority to help every student. The coaches also make it a priority to help with academics and athletics.
Given the certain circumstances, how our district’s future will look is up in the air but the district is creating plans to hopefully make the future positive.
I love Mesa schools. No other school district could have provided such outstanding teachers that are truly concerned for the well being of their students.
I enjoyed about the district is the people because they are hardworking and willingness to commit their time and effort to ensure all students are getting the resources they need for their education. The changes I would like to see is setting up programs for students who are passionate about their future and exploring career opportunities.
I love how organized the district is, however I wish their was more inclusion between the students there.
I like the programs available where there are multiple clubs and extracurricular activities you can be involved in. Something I’d like to see is better management and pay for the teachers they work very hard and they aren’t recognized for their work.
During this time of a global pandemic and unrest, Mesa Public Schools was able to do their best to adapt to a system that worked well for students and their safety.
The school I went specifically opened my eyes for the future. I started off with "knowing" what I wanted to do, but I honestly had no clue. At Mesa High, I was involved with a few club activities, those that helped me choose a path that I will love and enjoy. How to be mature about my decisions, ethical in all settings, safe to peers and teachers and accountable to my classes. All these can help my further in the future. I am a leader thanks to Mesa High.
Over all I was very successful in the mesa district. The teachers were very involved with the community of the schools and most of them cared deeply about their students and their success. However, every student learns differently. For instance students can be visual, hands on or teach themselves by reading a text book. Students may go at a slower pace when it comes to learning and others like to learn in small groups or even one on one. Some students excel in arts and athletics while others excel more in mathematics and science. A lot of people in society tend to struggle with depression anxiety public speaking and or interacting with people in general. Adding something like a self development class could potentially help a lot of people at least learn to cope early on. If the curriculum focused more on strengthening skills students already have and developing new ones that can help them with every day life. We would be much better off.
Mesa Unified School District embodies what a school district needs to be to me. I’m a senior and I have plenty of insight on how the other schools in the district run because I have friends from different schools. So overall there is a lot of diversity, all teachers have been overly qualified/helpful, and I have always felt safe to go to school.
What I enjoyed about this district was how diverse the students were. Walking down the halls and meeting up in the gym for assemblies was always so social because one could see that just because we were diverse, did not mean we could all be part of the same thing.
I thoroughly enjoyed every teacher I had. They all had their own unique teaching styles but didn't let that detract from the students getting equal education. They handled all situations well and focused on the students. The only thing that could be better would be if they would provide more opportunity to excel for the children in elementary school. Like if they had more advanced classes for students to go to every day.
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The school district is nice. It is a great community and they come together often. I would like to see a change in the online school system though.
I moved to this district from the East coast in my sophomore year of high school. The district is very large, which was intimidating but my teachers and other students were very welcoming. However, there have been issues regarding teacher pay that I hope will change in the future.
My experience was mediocre . It wasn't a time where I would be excited to tell people about my high school memories. There wasn't much that stood out to me , it was a pretty normal and regular school. There was not much to offer for students especially students of color or different backgrounds. There was only one club/program that helped out students that come from low income families. It really helped me find my perfect school and helped me find what I want to study. One thing I would change is keep traditions and make new traditions so high school would be memorable and would be a good memory . Another thing I would want to change is more programs and clubs to help out students with different backgrounds.
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