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I think the academics are good, the only thing that I think could use a change is the student to teacher ratio. A lot of the time there are too many kids and only one teacher which makes it harder for some students to learn than other students.
The State of Arizona is not exactly known for excellence in public education. However, Mesa schools are probably better off than the rest. The facilities have always been adequate and there are ample athletic opportunities. At the high school level there are great options for more rigorous academics and college and career readiness. Overall, this district has all the tools to set you up for success.
This School district is very oriented. They are dedicated to prepare us for college. Although our campus isn't very good, we still get taught what we need to. Since kindergarten, iv'e been in Mesa Public Schools. I am glad to say that it has been a long journey but worth it. We have had many incidents regarding our safety at school. We still manage to overcome and keep on going. I will forever be thankful to this school district.
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A very diverse distract with many cultures and traditions within it, we have over 6 schools who take part of taking care of mesa high school
So far the schools I have attended In the Mesa public district have been very nice. Most of the teachers I have had have been great teachers, caring and very disciplinary. Administration is pretty decent, they are helpful whenever there is a problem and have a solution most of the time. The students are friendly and kind, the school I’ve attended definitely have had a great ambience. Mesa Public schools is a great district I’ve enjoyed going to their schools and learning from their teachers.
I like Mesa Unified School District because in my perspective, the teachers and all of the staff are really helpful and understanding. They help students and parents when there is something going on. They care about how the students are doing personally and educationally.
The Mesa Unified School District is generally a good schools district compared to all other districts in Arizona. They have good programs such as the Avid program that I partake in. Also good challenging classes and college readiness.
I have been in this district since I've been going to school. Arizona has one of the lowest funding for the school. I live in a bible belt and I believe that is the only reason why the schools I went to were so fine. The bathrooms are closed and the teachers are unreasonable. Sure, you have a teacher who cares about their students, but they are rare. Funding is so low no one can take pride in their work.
I am currently at Mountain View High School, which is a fairly good school. A student can choose to go above and beyond or they can be totally average. This school has some of the worst grades in the district but also students who will receive full-ride scholarships to their school.
i love the teachers and the experience that they create on every campus. I feel the most prepared that i could be because of the special programs available to me. Specifically at westwood we have a compass center designated for college admissions and financial aid for after highschool. Im looking forward to using this resource this year while applying to different universities and for different scholarships.
Perfect experience, especially for an out of state college freshman. Welcoming, open, full of resources.
They have had a lot of improvements on my campus in the two years I have worked here. They have planted many trees and flowers in a way to help the environment. They also switched to using plastic water bottle refill stations. It is environmentally friendly, but the academics are somewhat poor. There are many ways for students to get the help they need, but some still struggle to get help in understanding what is expected.
This district is fantastic it provides everything a student's needs and provides a great education to one about there system.
My time in this school district has not been the worst, but it most definitely could have been better. There were some teachers that went above and beyond to help other students and I succeed but at the same time there were some other ones that made it seem as though they could not have cared less as to whether or not we did well or not.
I've attended Mesa Public Schools since Pre-k. Each school offers a diverse community of students, teachers, and parents. The sense of community we all have is unmatched. Despite being the largest school district in the state, I've found that they seem to often fall in the shadows of the other districts. However, in the last few years, there has been an evident change in the quality of knowledge here in the East Valley. They've integrated technology into all schools K-12, with all high school students getting their own laptops and each classroom having their own "Smart Boards." Sports-wise, students from all different kinds of sports are getting recruited to play at famous NCAA schools. Last summer, they even got a new superintendent who seems to be eager to take the district in a positive direction. I see success on the horizon for current MPS students, & the future is bright!
There's very little that one can say about Mesa that can't be said for any of the thousands of other school districts in the country. Though there are certainly highlights to one's time spent here, the opportunities are limited to those you truly hunt for and the administrations are lackluster at best.
It is very good at making students feel welcome. They are very engaging with both parents and students, and hire amazing caring staff.
It is a safe learning environment that gets students and parents a great learning experience. The teachers and staff truly care about the students and prepare them for the future.
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I think Mesa Public Schools is a good school district but there are plenty of things they could still fix. Although the campuses are very nice and the food is alright the people are rules aren't very good. Personally, I like my teachers and administrators at my school but there are some issues with enforcing rules.
I think the teachers are so dedicated to their students, and I would like to see them get an increase in pay.
I have been a student in Mesa Unified for eight years. The schools are clean, and the teachers care.
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