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Mesa County Valley School District No. 51 Reviews

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I feel like District 51 was a very welcoming and amazing district. I always felt welcomed and appreciated at any school.
I like going to a school here in mesa county. I feel like it is a good community and a good environment but on that note a lot of things happen that should be seen as unacceptable and they are tolerated. For example the use of drugs on campus, the fights, and the overall bad vibe given off by quite a few students. I believe this is because they hate school. For many school is a cause of stress and depression. Its the environment and unfortunately my school district is not the only one suffering. Kids all around the country are sick of school and how it makes them feel. There are ways to change this but not many are doing anything about it.Our district is a good one but people still feel like its a burden and it makes them feel bad about who they are becoming. Mesa County like I said is not bad at all and they have many teachers working hard to make school a place to enjoy but our society is not helping them in their quest.
Mesa Country Valley School District 51 has recently gone through some large changes, so my experience may be completely different from what it would be now. When I was a student there, I was fairly disappointed with their Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program. It was more like a if it relates to all four categories, it's coincidence. Towards the end of my 12 years, it was just taking off though. Most of the instructors were proficient or outgoing at their jobs, but a lot of them didn't want to deal with students, at all, out of class time. The selection of exploratory classes was mediocre at best, and a lot of those classes were ran by instructors who were only going off the textbooks. There were also a lot classes that got shutdown such as home economics. One of the schools had a whole classroom that was designed and built for home ec, but it got transformed into basically a holding cell for the "special needs" students. The district is HEAVILY underfunded.
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I'm a Grand Parent of two students who recently graduated. I think the teachers have been outstanding. I think their "farm to school" policy to bring in fresh local produce is excellent. I don't like the use of "prison" words for events at the school. Words like "early release" and "lock down" and "guards" are not acceptable for our children's learning environment
Academically, D51 is sufficient for the standard student, but on the lines of communication, empathy, and integrity, it is in great need of improvement. There is an immense gap between student and district/school communication, as well as one between parents and the schools, on opportunities, requirements, and aide. I was not prepared for college at all. My college goals were ignored because I completed high school a year early and planned to take a gap year (which is a great opportunity! but I didn't know about it until the beginning of my junior year).
There needs to be more diversity in educational opportunities and extracurricular activities for students of all kinds, especially since many students struggle academically or don't conform to standard social structures. It reflects poorly on individuals' mental health (see suicide rates for the district) and academic performance.
The district is adequate, but it could be so much better.
Some of the teachers were okay but there was so many teachers that did not teach well. In school there is so many things in life that many students are not learning, like paying taxes, instead we have to learn all sorts of math, english, and science classes that many students don't need in life nor do they want to learn it.
While the teachers themselves care about their students, the administration and the district as a whole does not. From disgusting school lunches, to under funded and overfilled classrooms, cockroach ridden hallways, and ancient bathrooms, to abysmal mental health services, this school district is doing a poor job of serving our community.
Great school to attend I moved from Florida as a sophomore and have enjoyed this school. There are however lots of clicks and bullying for some. It’s important to focus on academics and avoid the drama in this particular school.
I’ll miss seeing some of my teachers.
District has had some challenges with adding administrative positions that are unnecessary. Should improve with new superintendent. Hope they change all "job coach' positions to include half time in the class room and half time coaching other teachers. The new position supervising the HS principals is useless and a waste of money.
For the most part my school district is great, we lack a few things though. Our administration is very controlling and is changing what expect high school to be like
Spending a whole 13 years in district 51 has been quite the experience, good and bad. I have some amazing teachers, and some not so good teachers. The one major thing I dislike about our schools is the lack in career based classes. We need to have classes that inspire the kids, to get out there and start doing what they love. These boring gen ed classes are not going to inspire kids to go on to college. Yes they are neccessary but we also need better electives that kids can choose from. Team sports I would say is a waste of 40 minutes in a kids day. Where they could be learning about working on their future. Other than that we have fairly good food at our schools and our sports are doing very well
Mesa is a great county, there are plenty of ways to get involved. The people are amazing, and I have never had a bad experience with a professor. The environment gives you plenty of opportunities to get out and move and be involved with the community. Mesa is known for their division two sports teams, and they have experienced many successes in both NCAA sports along with club sports.
Fruita Monument High School was an amazing school. Loved my teachers and all the activities. Parking is terrible and access in and out of parking lots.
When I went to school there, it was amazing! I graduated in 2017 and loved it there. Although there were some tough teachers to get along with, there were so many more there to help!
I have seen many teachers come and go in District 51. Good teachers are bullied out of their jobs by their principals and the district blacklist the teachers so they cannot get another job in the district or any other district. Be forewarned if you apply here. You WILL NOT be supported by your principal, the school board, the superintendent, or HR. I have heard many teacher's stories and they are all the same. They are being bullied.
Mesa County School District 51 is a good district to attend. There is a lot of diversity and different clubs and activities you can participate in to stay involved.
I’ve been here for k-12 and have had a good experience. The school district is moving toward the right direction in performance based learning. It would be nice for athletics to be 4A.
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They updated the students fairly quick about snow days. They have a very good academic curriculum and good teachers. My twelve year experience through Mesa County Valley School District No. 51 was very helpful and prepared me for my college years properly. I believe that I am now ready for college due to the experience I had with this district.
I had a lot of struggles in the school, a lot happened in the past years that made me feel unsafe, during these times my parents where not notified until after the incidents, Some teachers make you feel feel not smart. Their are some teachers that help you succeed, and want you to.
I would like to see the change of parent involvement. Yes parents do go and see their children perform, but I feel as though that is not enough. I think that they need to prepare us for college better. College readiness is very important. The diversity is about the same as it has always been. They should also update the way they prepare food. In public schools there should be a system when it comes to the cafeteria. Food definitely needs to be prepared properly and in an orderly fashion.
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