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Merrimack Valley School District Reviews

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It is an overall fairly decent school, with a tight-knit community and good community values. The faculty and administration make attempts to connect to the student body and get them to engage, but more often miss than hit.
Merrimack Valley School District is one in a million. One thing that I will always love about the district is the close-knit community that they create. In the last two years or so there have been several tragedies in the MVSD community and not once did the district's support tremble. The people who had the power to make a difference did there best to do so and it always showed.
I enjoy the smaller class size. Teachers are wonderful. They become such a huge part of our lives, we have learned to grow, mature and become young adults from our freshman year to senior year. I want to succeed and make something of myself.
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Great experience here. A small enough school to have close relationships with teachers but not feel like you know everyone in the class. Teachers truly care about student's success.
Good teachers and staff. Building is easy to navigate and gym is new and beautiful. Good area with plenty nearby.
Overall my high school experience was fulfilled to the greatest capacity. Filled with helpful teachers, great school spirit and a lot of fun, I had a great 3 years attending MVHS
bullied, and teachers didn't want to help. assistant principle tried to send me to a charter school because they didn't want to deal with the issue.
I like how the teacher's are available to help you when you don't understand something or need help preparing for tests, exams, presentations, or reports. The CRTC program at Concord High School, that is available for MVHS students to apply to, has been been an amazing opportunity. I have learned so much about the nursing field and I believe it is giving me a head start to my classes that I will be taking at the college level. The athletic programs have great team spirit and sportsmanship.
There is a lack of communication from the school district and the parents and families in the district.
MVHS did not prepare me at all for college. I was never taught proper study habits and though ive been told not to blame high school for me doing so poorly in college, I do. I really do. high school did not prepare me for the intensity of college nor did it teach me how to study.
The school is very sports and arts based, lots of students participate in those activities. The classroom environment is busy and focused, depending on who the teacher is will effect the way that you are able to learn.
I have grown up and be a part of the MVSD all of my life. Both of my siblings are MV graduates. I believe that the administration has been great since I've been in the district and aside from a few personal hiccups I think the staff is very approachable, helpful, and inspiring.
I love going to MV and I'm sad to see my senior year coming to a close. While I'm ready to see what becomes of my life, I truly am going to miss the place where I spent a majority of my time
I like the atmosphere and the overall acceptance between the students. I would like the students to become more personal with each other.
Merrimack valley is an average school. But the indifference amongst most teachers makes going from class to class difficult. While some teachers are still very “old school”, it makes it very hard to learn. This generation has a hard time reading out of books and filling out papers when we are so adapt to our technology. I think an upgraded teaching staff would really help this school.
Overall my experience was alright. Merrimack Valley is your typical rural-urban school. There is a different mix of people. The teacher overall is good they try to help students to reach there best potential. School spirit is low, people just go through the day. There is also not many school events that go on during the year. There is also not too many wide options for afterschool activities.
Merrimack Valley School District encompasses a positive community and environment. It hosts a great learning experience, where everyone is encouraged to reach their highest potential. The administrators are very friendly and get to know the students on a personal level. The technology is up-to-date and will hand out laptops to everyone in the future. Overall, Merrimack Valley School District is a great district to send students to.
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I loved everything about the school, the staff is always very friendly and helpful. I especially liked how the staff/teachers are patient with students and are always their for support and guidance. I also enjoyed how the staff always tried to recommend new clubs or sports to students. It is always nice to have options in high school.
Overall Merrimack Valley is a good school that teaches you a lot about what the real world is like. It really teaches you how to be responsible for your own future.
As an alumni from Merrimack Valley, my experience was positive in the aspects of teachers, sports, and clubs. Merrimack Valley is a diverse school district with many opportunities for students to strive academically and socially.
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