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I really like the environment of the school and the school district in general. The teachers and staff really accommodated every student and their needs, it was the best learning environment I have experienced from constantly moving to different towns each year. I thought the teachers really based the lessons and the learning around the students and wanted us to succeed and provided the required resources and equipment needed to pass and succeed.
teachers are very friendly and the kids are nice. If you need help a bunch is given, teachers and staff are looking for you to succeed.
The Merrimack School District provides wonderful learning environments and successful teaching methods. The three elementary schools, upper elementary school, middle school, and high school provide individualized learning and school spirit.
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Great School! Not to big or small. Has some amazing classes that give students great opportunities such as the voc programs. The student council does a fantastic job of keeping all the students involved throughout the year.
I liked that the teachers were available to help the students. There was a lot of encouragement to get involved in activities. What I didn't like was the lack of homework policy. Our homework did not count towards our grades and I felt as though that was hurtful to many students.
I am a Senior at Merrimack High School. I have enjoyed participating in their sports throughout my 4 years. They offer a wide range of clubs and activities, as well as sports. I would like to them to offer healthier food options.
My experience at Merrimack school district was ok. I feel like they should help us get ready for the future better like telling us about taxes, paying bills and also allowing homework to count for a grade. By far Merrimack middle school and high school were my favorite schools and that I learned a lot in those schools. But all the teachers are definitely very nice and willing to work with you. Overall I enjoyed Merrimack school district but I think it could see it improve a little more.
My highly rated experience at MHS is based on the teachers and the interaction that I had with them, their willingness to be available and helpful, and the learning atmosphere that they created.
I really liked the teachers I had. They took the time to get to know each sstudent very well and genuinely cared about my aspirations, plans, and concerns. My teachers and the administration in Merrimack prepared me very well for college academics.
Merrimack is all about what you put into it. If you work hard, you can be very successful. I had teachers I loved who helped me through everything. As long as you have a positive attitude and strong work ethic, Merrimack is a good place to be.
Merrimack High School is a pretty good school. Overall, it’s a pretty average experience, however there’s a few teachers who have always gone above and beyond for me.
I enjoy the overall feel and school spirit at MHS. Merrimack High school does a very good job at making school events safe, inclusive and overall enjoyable. The students are for the most part respectful and care about their school work. The teachers at MHS make sure all students have a chance to succeed. What I would like to see change in is the decline of student enrollment in the school. Sadly, the amount of incoming freshmen is dropping over the years. Overall, MHS is a very nice school with respectful students and helpful teachers.
I have been extremely impressed with the Merrimack School District. My daughter has attended MES, the Upper Elementary, and the Middle School. It is very clear that the teachers are dedicated to helping students. Over the years, I have been most impressed with their communication and willingness to partner with me to ensure my daughter’s success. They have high standards for learning and a terrific sense of community.
In general, Merrimack High School has the ability to be great. However, as a student I was dissatisfied with the allocation of the schools resources between sports, clubs, and classes. Though the school administration was always well intentioned they often made decisions that were vague and left the majority of the student body confused. Though vague rules were implied with seemingly unnecessarily harsh punishments, they were not enforced by the majority of the adults in the school. Another grievance that myself and many of my classmates would agree with it the feeling of unpreparedness in regards to college. Our guidance counselors are often spread too thin and cannot generally meet all of our individual needs and concerns.
Overall it is a good school. There are some people, teachers, situations, etc, that are not the best. Throughout my four years here I have encountered some teachers that have shown favoritism or dislike toward students and teachers that are not the best at getting material across, but I have also encountered some of the best, most unforgettable teachers I have ever had. The social life at Merrimack High is pretty typical of high school, nothing unusual.
I'm pretty shocked that Merrimack is so far down the list. The teachers are very involved with their students. I get daily communication via email and extra help for my kids is available, if needed. There is also many activities for families. Great town and schools, very underrated.
The teachers I have had have been very willing and committed to seeing me succeed. I have heard nothing but positive feedback and helpful criticism, if any. I do think more money should be allocated to the theater department at the high school, because appreciation of the arts is very important to maintaining the magic of live performance.
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I moved to Merrimack in middle school and it was a huge difference than my small town in NY. There was much more school involvement, sports, and available classes. I was able to take more classes that interested me in high school and I learned what I liked more. There was a lot of opportunities to get out into the community and learn. I enjoyed going here. The only thing I can think of that needs improvement is the students. But, the school is great and I have more opportunities here than I could have ever had in NY.
Relatively positive environment. Not perfect but better than most US schools. Upper elementary and middle school don't do the best job accommodating special needs students but the lower elementary and high schools are great with this. Large variety of classes in high school; only thing I would suggest is something that teaches you how to "adult".
I would caution any parent who is about to place their child in this school. There is a reason why this upper elementary is ranked 106 out of 139. There are a handful of good teachers but I have heard many kids and their parents voice their displeasure. We pull out son out and are moving out of town b/c we are not placing our in this school. Parents!, do you research
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