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It's just an alright school nothing fancy and not very well organized. The administration is terrible. Most teachers are nice.
I liked the teachers. Each and every one of them were amazing and helpful. I wish with this whole pandemic that they'd require masks and find ways to make the school safer. Installing temperature checks would also be very nice to have.
Teachers are personable. If you need help and talk to them, you will always find a solution. There are plenty of extra curricular where no matter what you are interested in, there is something there.
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There’s a lot of good teachers, and a few great ones, but overall my experience at MHS wasn’t great. Needs more parking space.
Overall a pretty good experience. Had lots of good clubs,activities, and sports and overall allowed for a lot of student involvement.
I enjoyed being surrounded by a well balanced environment. being around teachers that wanted to teach kids but also get to know them on a personal level gave me more of a high school experience. having many opportunities to join clubs and be part of the student sections at sporting events gave it also the high school experience. merrimack school district has prepared me to become a full adult living on my own and I am ready for college.
As a person who struggled a lot with learning disabilities at a very young age this school district made a serious impact. I went from not knowing how to read in first grade to achieving passed my grade level by fourth. This school districted put just as much effort as I did in my education and I am now a successful student who is a Freshman in college. With that being said no school is perfect while the special education in this is great there is always a few teachers who can make the experience a more hurtful than helpful place. My best friend who struggled with mental health was told by a teacher who is thankfully retired that she had given up on her right in front of her case worker and the case worker did nothing about it and just sat there. It was things like that while not a common thing to happen put a damper on the school experience for me and my class mates. But overall this school district is far better than other schools around the country.
I am a homeschool student, which may have some disadvantages when it comes to participating in sports. However the Merrimack school district has made it possibly for me to participate in my local highschool sports such as swimming!
The Merrimack School District provides students with opportunities to succeed if they choose to make their path. The community cares and most of the teachers are their to cultivate a safe and productive environment so that kids can learn and families can be cared for. The school has programs for both STEM and art students or anyone looking to experience both and the teachers care deeply about what they are doing for the most part. The facilities are good for a high school besides for the lack of fields for some sports, but the town and school do what they can to provide the full experience.
I feel the educators mean well at merrimack high school, but the administration holds back many educators from using what i feel as a student arevery creative and unique lesson plans.
Merrimack has many opportunities to pursue different passions, though math and science classes should be harder to get into. Also the bathrooms are gross and full of kids vaping.
Merrimack High School is a very sports heavy school. The music and art programs are very good but also very small. The science department is lacking knowledgeable teachers.
I really like the environment of the school and the school district in general. The teachers and staff really accommodated every student and their needs, it was the best learning environment I have experienced from constantly moving to different towns each year. I thought the teachers really based the lessons and the learning around the students and wanted us to succeed and provided the required resources and equipment needed to pass and succeed.
teachers are very friendly and the kids are nice. If you need help a bunch is given, teachers and staff are looking for you to succeed.
The Merrimack School District provides wonderful learning environments and successful teaching methods. The three elementary schools, upper elementary school, middle school, and high school provide individualized learning and school spirit.
Great School! Not to big or small. Has some amazing classes that give students great opportunities such as the voc programs. The student council does a fantastic job of keeping all the students involved throughout the year.
I liked that the teachers were available to help the students. There was a lot of encouragement to get involved in activities. What I didn't like was the lack of homework policy. Our homework did not count towards our grades and I felt as though that was hurtful to many students.
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I am a Senior at Merrimack High School. I have enjoyed participating in their sports throughout my 4 years. They offer a wide range of clubs and activities, as well as sports. I would like to them to offer healthier food options.
My experience at Merrimack school district was ok. I feel like they should help us get ready for the future better like telling us about taxes, paying bills and also allowing homework to count for a grade. By far Merrimack middle school and high school were my favorite schools and that I learned a lot in those schools. But all the teachers are definitely very nice and willing to work with you. Overall I enjoyed Merrimack school district but I think it could see it improve a little more.
My highly rated experience at MHS is based on the teachers and the interaction that I had with them, their willingness to be available and helpful, and the learning atmosphere that they created.
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