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Merrillville care about their student. The stuff really make sure that all the kids on the right track to graduation.
My experience with Merrillville school has been very well. I like how each student is able to express themselves,their beliefs, opinions ,and skills without getting looked down upon. Each student is uplifted by someone or is uplifting someone else. I would like to see a change in the number of students passing their math courses each year. I believe with more time and dedication invested into the failing children of this course students will be able to reach the level of success they desire. Merrillville does offer tutoring in this course however many students don’t take advantage of this opportunity. So if a student is failing I believe they should automatically be forced to go to these tutoring courses.
My experience in the Merrillville Community School Corporation was great. I always had access to the resources I needed to graduate. There was always a way for me to receive any form of help I needed. The Merrillville School Corporation was a safe community for students to grow and develop a sense of belonging and to be encouraged to do great things both inside and out of school.
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I have traveled to almost every state in the country and Merrillville High School is the most diverse school I have ever been to with probably almost if not every ethnicity and culture there. There are plenty of clubs, sports, arts, and after school programs for everyone to find something to get involved in. The teachers really care about the students education and often make time or opportunities for out of classroom assistance even though they do not get paid to do so on their own time. It is a very safe school with many protocols set in place and there are not many issues with violence. I would like to see more funding in the
technology and computer labs as well as a little more funding in the math department.
I loved the people and dedication. It felt like family all four years. I would improve the building itself. The people are amazing but the structure itself is lacking. The teachers are focused and dedicated. They want to be there. They want to make a difference. It is hard for them to do their jobs with leaky ceilings and poisonous mold. With pipes bursting and lights falling it kept days interesting but the teachers did their best to reach out to the kids even on off days.
Merrillville High school is a nice school with really nice and helpful teachers. The students over there are nice and fun in classes.The sport teams are good especially the football, wrestling, basketball,and the gymnast. team
I liked they way how they offered higher lever classes within in the middle school. Also I liked how the high school have so many choice of college readiness classes. But I would like to see change is for them to be a little bit more lenient on the dress code and I wish they would let people leave for lunch.
The Merrillville Community Schools have excellent administrators. The one thing that could be different is all of the rule changing in the middle of the school year.
Excellent teachers and also have more programs to choose from ! A bunch of kids come from all over cities in Northwest Indiana to Merrillville school district. School is very diverse. Excellent health care and also programs for kids who are sports and college ready.
The school places education second to discipline. Many of the members of the administration in this school are not very understanding of the students that attend. This High School continues to fall below in academic requirements and provide minimal resources to help the students attending. The school provides great extra curricular activities for student , but they over shadow the students education.
My overall experience at Merrillville was decent. I has good relationships with some teachers and administrators. Merrillville is was very diverse school. The teachers here can vary from loving there job to dreading. For example, a distinct few of teachers here, just plainly mono teach. There's no enthusiasm or interest in there teaching. How do you expect to catch the students interest in learning without it. Next,I feel as if some teachers only focus on disciplining students than actually teaching. Disciplining students should be a must but not when your interfering with other students learning. Another, is the school safety here needs to change here. I feel as if our school resource office can be nonchalant about certain things and serious with other.
The diversity I would Change the rules of the cell phones policy and allow student to be on there phones whenever they would like to give them the freedom they deserve on there free time
I liked the diversity and the teachers and staff overall have a genuine care about the students. They take pride in career readiness and enforce strict rules that students may not like but it prepares them for life outside of high school as an adult. If i could change something about the school it would be enforcing more school spirit. I believe it would bring the students together as a whole.
I like the diversity in merrillville high school all races come together as one.What I would change is for us to have more pep rallies
I overall somewhat enjoyed this school when I went here! I enjoyed it very much because I was very active in school, I was in many clubs, did many outside events, met tons of people and used everything to my advantage!! That was all worth it at the end!
There are some great teachers and the principals genuinely want the best for you. I think the school physically can be much better though. I went there four years and it was an enjoyable experience, our teachers would always make learning fun and not everyday was full of just work especially for seniors! We would have student vs. the faculty games near the end of the year and it would make the weight of graduation approaching and applying for colleges a little less.
Merrillville High School is a school filled with intelligent kids and positive-minded teachers. The administration is always pushing to see both the student body as well as the teachers go hard for education.
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I am a Merrillville alum and lived right down the street. I have spoken to teachers who I personally know and can tell you that the #11 safety rank is a joke. The school itself is ok and they have a decent sports program. Just scratching my head regarding the safety rating.
I like how when I need help there is someone in the school who can help me no matter what seems to be the problem .
Merrillville Community Schools showed me how to always watch and think about your decisions. Every decision has a consequences to it good or bad.
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