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I like that Manchester has a lot of opportunities. I would like to see Manchester change by getting the parents more involved.
The teachers choose favorites, and if you aren't involved in sport or anything just can just forgot them helping you get the education you need. The high school teachers are racist. The high school principal is racist. I don't like this school at all. It would be best if it was shut down.
Many teachers were very helping, but nothing else like academics and principals were good. The bathrooms are terrible. Some teachers are willing to help students learn while others are there for paychecks. Sports here are very good and i like our amazing coaching staff. The councilor is not all that helping either. Our school foundation is terrible. It looks horrible on the inside and the outside.
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It is a very good school. The environment is safe and easy to learn. The teachers really care for the students. I would like to see the classroom sizes to change so that the students can get more of a one on one learning experience. I would like to see more college classes offered to student as well.
They don't have good communications between staff to staff and staff to student. All the teachers who actually cared about the school and the students have been fired or ran off.
Wasn't too happy with this system. The amount of preparing done for college was rather poor. More focus needs to be on academics and preparing for the rigorous courses of college.
These school are really not that bad. They have amazing teachers, and you can pretty much find a friend anywhere.
This School District needs a lot of help. The main problems with Manchester High School is the teachers. They are not doing what they are paid to do, which is teach. If takes more than being able to teach to be a teacher. These are people that students see 5 days out of the week for years. We look up to them, but find ourselves very disappointed in the ways that they are becoming.
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