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This school is very cliquey and not the most inviting. As a person of color, I have experienced racism from other students within this school. This school accused my older gay brother of using the women's bathroom because he is apart of the lgbtq community without even checking the cameras. This school does have an amazing athletics program and has great cafeteria food. Academics are great as well. This school is very spirited and has its own traditions.
I didn't have too much of an experience as I was a sophomore when I transferred to Meridian and I attended Whatcom Community College my junior and senior year. The campus was beautiful and everyone was easy to get along with. However, they made it impossible to come to campus if you were not taking any classes. It was upsetting to get kicked off campus for wanting to visit my friends, even though I was enrolled there and on the varsity volleyball and softball team.
I have been going to Meridian ever since kindergarten and thoroughly enjoyed it. Over the years so much has changed from academics, to the buildings, to staff members. All the changes have turned out well and I think were good for our school .
Some students may disagree but I think that the teaching has improved once we reached high school, some prepare us for the future more than others but over all good teachers.
Sports and other school activities are also really good. One that has grown over the years is FFA, this after school activity allows students of Meridian come together and gives them the opportunity to learn about agriculture and meet new people and make friends. The sports are good as well, one sport that doesn't get much attention is Wrestling, in which has also grown over the years.
Overall Meridian School District is great, the community is welcoming and it gives us opportunities that some other schools don't get.
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At meridian high school every teacher are very supportive, helpful, and understanding. I really enjoy going to this school because everyone is kind and are their to help when ever you need it.
The teachers for the most part, are your #1 allies and they do their best to help with what little funding they receive. All that you really need to be successful is to try your best, ask questions, and get additional help one-on-one after school.
Meridian was the perfect melting pot of all the different cultures and personalities Whatcom Washington has to offer. While many school contain one specific type of person, Meridian was diverse, and most importantly, everyone got along. The teachers were great, the involvement was great, everything was great.
Meridian has the best teachers and people in the state. I have always felt very welcomed by the people and have always been given a chance to be involved with anyone and everyone. Academically there are so many opportunities at Meridian and I feel like I have been well prepared for college.
I loved the sense of a tight-knit community at Meridian. The teachers care deeply about their students both academically and as individuals.
Meridian school district is considered a small community so everyone knows everyone. The parents are very involved in their children’s lives and they like to help out a lot at the schools. So over the years we have built a tight knit community of parents and children which has positive benefits for all.
Good school. Excellent teacher, everyone is very friendly and the school has a very positive friendly environment
One of the many things I liked about Meridian School District was the encouragement from the wonderful teachers and staff members. Their continuous support helped me overcome many barriers, along with obtaining many academic achievements. When I walk out of this high school, I will always treasure and carry along the memories I shared with the teachers -- they will always be my motivators and the bridge to my success.
I like the atmosphere about it. The school has a lot of extra curricular activities as well from sports to chess club to technology club. The teachers are great. There is always help if needed. And there are a lot of options for classes.
I like how it's small but I also dislike this. I have been able to get to know people on a deeper level because of this. I dislike it because there aren't as many classes offered or opportunities as a larger 2 or 3A school. I also wasn't informed as many things to help me advance and succeed until I was a Junior or Senior when it was too late. However, teachers are able to focus more individually and help individuals receive good grades.
I just graduated from Meridian High School through Running Start at Whatcom Community College and my brother currently goes to Meridian High School as a Freshman and used to attend the Middle School. What I can tell from his experiences was that they have a good sports and music program. They have a good education system there also.
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