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Something I love about Meridian is how much they prepare us for college. We have a lot of opportunities for college classes, financial aid, application help, etc. from several teachers and it makes being a senior a lot less stressful. One thing I'm not very fond of at Meridian is the grading system. Assignments are graded based on a few categories, including Knowledge & Thinking (correct answers) and Agency (turning things in on time). Each assignment is then graded and the percentage is put into the category total. This process makes keeping or trying to raise grades very difficult, since one assignment can greatly affect the final grade.
My overall experience with Meridian Public Schools was very poor. The staff is considered facilitators since the New Tech switch and it became very frustrating. Their sports programs consist of the jocks and you are looked down upon if you are new to the sport and or not actively fit for it. As far as safety while I have been there they have considered all threats a "indirect threat and not true". There is a wide variety of things for students to do and participate in which is nice.
I hated it. Everyone was so mean, and the teachers barely helped. I'd rather go to a sewer and eat rat poop than go to Meridian again.
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The 1-to-1 iPad program is a really positive movement toward encouraging technological literacy in our young people in this small village in Michigan, where technology might otherwise pass these kids by.
I liked the atmosphere, and most of the teachers were very helpful with all activities and problems.
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