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My experience with Meridian public school district was fun and remembering,now that i'm older I see better and how it changed over the years.
The experience at Meridian High is decent it could be better but, to me is alright enough to stay. The things they could improve are teaching skills to students and being organized on certain events and activities
I have awesome teachers and administrators. They really took the time to care for each student and their situation. They are very compassionate and understanding.
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As a running start student, I was Highly displeased on with the administration at Meridian High School. When I was a sophomore the admin had a running start student come in and parents. This particle running start student had failed out of the program and discussed why running start would be a bad design. The administration did not bring in some who for supporting running start. As a student, I found that not fair to the student who would thrive in the program. On the flip side, however, the teachers were extremely supportive and respectful of the decisions that a student would make.
Me being at meridian high taught how to carry myself pick my self up when someone knock you down.With the hardcore discipline teaching me to have a routine and self-control to guide me in this big world
I would like to see the involvement of the community in schools to change. Parents and students want the schools to get better but they won’t actually help out.
The Meridian Public School District is an okay school system. The rules can be changed around and they need to discipline and consequences then a pat on the back for bad behavior.
I was involved with Meridian Public School District since the 1st grade. I’ve always loved school. I think the teachers are friendly and most of them will work with you to make sure that you get the help you need. I am now a Senior at Meridian High School. I have enjoyed our senior activities. I like that we have the graduation at Ray stadium every year, and I hope that they keep this tradition alive. I feel safe while I’m at school because they keep the doors locked. I do think that Meridian High’s campus is too open though. There are many ways to enter the campus without anyone knowing. They should put up gates or something and keep them locked.
I have had a excellent experience with this school. I have learned so much by the outstanding staff members that work for this district.
I like that the Meridian Public School District come together to help one another. We are all a family in each other eyes.
It was a great experience. Sometimes I wish I could go back , I would not change anything its perfect the way it is .
Overall, I liked the academics at the school. They were hard enough to show that they cared enough to prepare you for college, but not too hard or easy.
The Meridian Public School district was inviting and helpful, although there are many needed changes. If I could change one thing about the Meridian Public School District it would be the disciplinary actions taken to students.
My experience at mpsd has been straight since I have been attentding . Now we do have a couple of teachers that don't like their job . But other than sports they are average but the food is so horrible .
My experience at meridian public school has been rewarding. I have learned,explored and experienced many things that otherwise would have not been able to. The teachers and the administration are very helpful and positive attitudes about providing a learning environment for the students. This has helped me to strive to be better and do better in my grades and overall curriculum.
It's okay here. The classes are not super hard but challenging. You get offered a ton of opportunities to work and go to college, they help you through everything. I would recommend this school for its opportunities and offers, like the fifth year program or duel enrollments. The band is great as well, they deserve an auditorium.
I currently attend MHS. Like other people, I have attended other schools (5 elementaries. One middle school. One highschool). I have been 3 different school districts. I can confidently say that Meridian High School is the least performing school that I have ever attended. The district itself benefits from the elementary schools.
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My experience has been great. Although my school does not get the recognition that it deserves overall it’s a great school. It really prepares you for college if you’re willing to put in the work and involve yourself. I would like the school to offer more college prep courses.
They cared about what happened to the future of their students and they did everything in their power to make sure the students succeed. When I was a student, they never gave me any trouble.
Meridian public schools are great schools. They all understand the goal in mind, and that is to make sure that all of the kids graduate on time.
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