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Meridian Community Unit School District No. 15 Reviews

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As an alumni of Meridian, I believe that I was provided the best education possible by a small school. Small schools will rarely be diverse and will rarely have the opportunities that larger schools can provide - and that is not a reason to dock the school. It has been 20 years since I was last in HS and I can tell you that the opportunities that are available at Meridian now are far above and beyond what was available then. Give it a chance - it is small, safe and the teachers care about their students. If you don't feel as if you teacher cares, then perhaps it is up to you, the student, to find out what you can do to change that attitude. Your experiences are what you make of them!
I loved everything about Meridian. It’s a great community with a great atmosphere. The teachers are great at their jobs and I learned everything I need for college.
Meridian is great high school filled with a different variety of people. Majority of the students here have know each other since they were in elementary school. Meridian is a great place to be able to focus on your studies. The students are not as obnoxious as other schools I have been too. I would love to see the change in the teachers. Many of the teachers don’t necessarily care what each student does. They don’t focus on what they academically need them to do. Teachers let the students speak to them in any type of manner they choose. Students play games on their phones all hour, some students just sleep the entire hour. It’s not encouraging enough to want to do good in school. Many teachers are starting to careless because it’s less work for them to grade. They have lost sight in the real meaning of student success.
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The people here are extremely nice and very helpful and friendly. It is a fairly conservative, rural school with many different groups and activities to become a part of. Overall, I would recommend this school to anyone who wants a small school feel but still a great education.
It's a small town school with little diversity. The extracurriculars were not very inclusive, but the academic curriculum was decent.
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