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I think Meriden schools are pretty good in terms of teaching and “discipline”. I like being in school . The food could be better
My daughter is in first grade so we haven't been in the system long. Teachers and administration have been great. The school feels like a community. I have noticed some safety measures that could use improvement.
For the most part the staff at the schools that I have dealt with were ok. More praise needs to be given to the good hard working children, and not all the focus on the fresh ones.
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The typical average schooling. If you’re not strict on education you’ll like it. It’s also diverse. The teachers are decent. The food is regular school food.
the Meriden public school district has great sports and great safety precaution in case of emergency. they keep the parent informed on everything that occur during the school hours. they have this great email system helps teachers and parents connect easily. the food segment can be better, includes more non pork for muslim students and also more fruits and salads. For college readiness the public school should have more fee waiver for student with a particular income amount.
My current school Maloney high school is amazing i love the people there but going to Edison middle school was awful I went to Thomas hooker elementary school and that was okay but some of the teachers were unfair and mean
I like that there are not many schools, however, school staff should be more involved with those students who are achieving. I do not like that there are not many programs to assist students.
The teachers in middle school were nice and helpful , I felt the administration such as the principles not so much
Meriden School have a great amount of diversity, and the students are very friendly. The teachers make the student work hard, and try to push them to try their hardest. The facility has been recently updated and is filled with the newest technology to help the student. The recent update also brings in a fresh environment for the students, which allows for a innovated and active learning environment for the students.
Diversity is splendid, teachers actually care, never had one problem in any of the schools. I've been in the Meriden school district since 1st grade and my experience throughout all these years has never let me down. I'm actually happy to say that I am part of the Meriden school district. There is some things to be worked on but overall it is fantastic.
I liked how some teachers care about their students, but not all do. I'd like to see the way of learning change.
Meriden is starting to improve its education by offering more opportunities to students. The facilities are also newer. There are many resources for the students such as devices. The school culture is also very strong with many activities. However, many fights also occur, and I think some policies should be changed.
Generally average academics, violent students, and strict dress codes, lots of sexualization of the female body. They got rid of midterms which the graduating students say they were not prepared for. The food is horrendous.
I have only been attending Meriden Public Schools for two full years now. I feel that the school system really gives you an opportunity to academically challenge yourself while still encouraging you to engage in sports and afterschool clubs.
The teachers are really invested here. They are in touch with what is going on in their schools and local communities. New programs are constantly set in motion to ensure student success at every level.
I think there Meriden education system is great, they have well communication skills. They all strive to make the student succeed
I felt as if the Meriden School System needs to work to better motivate their students. In Meriden, we face lots of students coming from distraught families. This poses a bigger challenge for educators and administrators to efficiently perform their duty. However, with some effort and dedication, school faculty can empower through students in the classroom. The trick is to approach them in a genuine way. In doing so, students will feel a sense of respect, which will incline them to portray that respect back.
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Teachers were really nice and very involved in your learning but some had flaws and the food that was served was terrible.
Overall, my experience with Meriden public schools has been a great one. Being a part of Meriden public schools for 12 years has improved my life tremendously. Within it, I was able to not only learn important skills in the classroom but also interpersonal relationships with my classmates and teachers. Meriden public schools taught me the importance of diversity and to accept everyone in life. Overall, I would not trade my experiences for anything else.
I guess I like Meriden schools, I went to Francis T. Maloney and the teachers were great I think, Mr silvistrini is really funny, and we just got freshly new schools this year, very clean. :)
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