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Great school district if you have plenty of cash on hand for tutoring. Don't expect your kid to get an actual education through the school district. Especially if your kiddo needs extra help.
We came to MISD with high hopes only to realize that the district is ill-prepared to serve our highly cognitively capable student with disability. My input as a parent is not respected, in fact it is ignored. Even though we bring in experts who help us actively advocate for our child's needs to be met. Even these highly respected professionals' suggestions have minimal weight.
We have seen the district level admin to reverse IEP team's decision. What is alarming is that these professionals are struggling to understand that special education services are not a "course", as our special education teacher called it, or a classroom but a service. This is plain ableism and needs to be called out by everyone, not just those impacted.

MISD especially struggles in supporting students with learning disabilities.
If you want your child's mental health to not be impacted by lack of supports and you want them to get education in an inclusive school environment, stay away from MISD!
I went through the entire MISD from K-12. The district has its issues, of course, but the overall levels of education and resources offered are amazing. It's hard to recognize this while going there because surrounding schools (e.g. Bellevue School District) are also of high quality. Teachers were generally on the better side (hey, they do what they can with a bunch of kids). Because it's a wealthy area, funding isn't an issue. It is a privileged place, though, and it's hard for kids there (I think) to fully recognize that. People don't brag about it or anything, it's just an underlying thing. There's competition (mostly in high school), but I wouldn't say it's unbearable. Most of it comes from the kids on themselves.
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It is good good it is nice and good and safe and nice and good good good and nice and good good and nice and good.
There are no clicks at Mercer Island, everyone gets along pretty well and they are all inclusive. They give great education and have a lot of opprotunities.
Loved my experience at Mercer Island, the teachers are great, the activities are diverse. Mercer Island has great facilities, food, and STEM program. I would highly recommend attending Mercer Island and getting involved in sports, music and other clubs.
It's a very academically challenging school with a very welcoming atmosphere for students of all identities. Teachers in this district care about their students so much. It can be cliquey, but that to be expected.
This is one of the finest public school districts in America. My daughter went straight through from kindergarten to her senior year. She went on to get a 50% academic scholarship from the college of her choice. She made excellent choices and is drug free and is still friends with several teachers and students. I highly recommend this great school district.
Most classes at Mercer Island High School are great and engaging and you learn a lot. The science classes can be a little too easy sometimes if you really want to learn a lot. Students have to take two science classes at the same time if they want to take more advanced science courses. The teachers are very helpful and most of them are good at keeping you engaged and conveying concepts effectively. There are plenty of math courses, both more basic for people who struggle with math and more advanced for people who are passionate about it. The English and History teachers are great. Mercer Island also has an amazing band program.
The academics were a mixed bag -- some teachers were very good and/or passionate about their jobs, others were poor teachers. They tried to get rid of AP art classes and they don't offer IB.
Mercer Island School District has a very good public school system. Academics and Sports are valued by much of the community. There are four public elementry schools, one middle school, and one high school. The High School provides lots of opportunities for students to get involved.
Academics were good and many of the teachers of excellent. The administration could improve. Many of their policies are killing school spirit.
Mercer Island High School district is a friendly environment and place to learn. During my very first day of freshman year, people were very welcoming. This school is not only friendly but also spirited!
I liked the people from the Mercer Island School District. Generally, the teachers were loving, caring, and concerned about our knowledge and learning abilities. Most of the students enjoyed their time at MI and gave a positive atmosphere to the island.
The mercer island school district provides a very welcoming and academically rigorous environment. As a mathematics major at the University of Minnesota I find that in many aspects I am extremely well prepared based on my learning at Mercer Island High School. The challenging coursework and open engaging learning environment prepared me well for college classes.
Besides the fact their are limited AP courses for sophomores and lacking diversity, the teachers care about students and are a guiding us to succeed. Councliers are friendly and extremly nice and considerate. The food is great, easy access to the online library. Overall it is a great school district and full of friendly people.
Mercer island has many great options for students to help them stand out to colleges, though the pressure that is placed on the students is immense. Everyone on the island is expected to succeeded and anyone who doesn't have straight A's is extremely embarrassed to admit it. This pressure comes from the extreme sense of competition throughout the student body to get into a top college. However the school district offers many advanced courses and access to technology.
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Mercer Island High school has highly competitive classes that help prepare students for college and the real world. Although students are held at high standards, Mercer Island High School creates a high intensity stressful environment.
I had a fantastic experience in the Mercer Island School District. I attended the high school and met fantastic people, made lifelong friends, and enjoyed the location of the school and the teachers there.
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