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I love Mercer County! I feel like it’s a great place to be because they want to make sure every student in included in every activity there is. They want every student to make the right decision and they help students choose the right path of choosing a career. Mercer County takes care of every individual.
I just recently moved here at the beginning of my junior year last year and so far im loving it. The teachers and staff are oh so friendly and kind. There always pushing there students to do there best.
In Mercer County Schools, for example, Princeton Senior high school has some poor food and facilities at some times. The bathrooms were very poor and the food did not look the best. But they have improved immensely in the food but still need to work on their bathrooms. Academics and the teachers are all average for the most part. I believe Mercer County schools need to improve on getting to students ready for college because the lack the most in that category.
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Life long mercer county resident, started at one elementary, transferred my fifth grade year to another that I graduated from and then went on to graduate from one of the better known high schools. It wasn't a terrible experience, but I can't say I miss it.
I'm a freshman at Mercer County Community College and it is one of the best colleges. Everything is available to students who are ready and willing to learn. The instructors are very good and willing to help.
I have been a part of Mercer County Schools for over 13 years, during this time I have learnt a lot and had a lot of good times but also bad. My overall experience of Mercer County Schools is very good.
Mercer County Schools are great and I have enjoyed my time learning there so far. However, there is not much diversity and not only in the schools, Mercer County is just such a small place. That is why when I go further into my education I hope to have the opportunity to move and go to college in a diverse place.
Mercer County schools are amazing. Especially West Windsor Plainsboro High School North. They are second in the state, thus have a great educations system, and a safe environment. But, the place is very competitive. Students keep studying and getting good grades in the top priority, leaving no choice but to opt out of extra curriculur activities, such as clubs, sports, etc. The students are always stressed out, so that can be helped out, by reducing the amount of work that is piled upon them. Other than that, the school is great!
It was a great school! I learned a lot from there and the staff and teachers were always willing to help.
My experience with Mercer County Schools has been an interesting one. A lot of their policies simply do not work with the current times, and most administrators only care about what is easiest for themselves. We have had minimal school closings on snow days we needed to be home, and several accidents have been a result of this. Not to mention, they under pay their teachers which causes no one to even want to work in our state. I would like to see them turn everything around completely to benefit everyone.
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