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Mercer County School District No. 404 Reviews

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Drugs, bullying, and just a generally poor outlook on school is very common occurrence at MCHS; therefore, I would say my experience was poor.
At Mercer County High School, the problems outweigh the good. Most of the teachers teach their students the best they can with their available resources, but there are not enough advanced classes available for the students. A positive quality about Mercer County High School is that there are quite a few activities for students to partake in, but our theater and band programs do not have the budget to be phenomenal. At my school, there is a bare minimum of diversity, and our administration is poor. Not only does our administration ignore bullying and drug abuse in our school, but they also do not punish athletes to the full extent to allow them to continue their season. Our high school does not have airconditioning, but the ala cart line has improved since I was a freshman.
I had a great experience growing up there and I graduated in 2003 and some of the students that I had in school are teaching and my daughter has them in school. it was a great place to learn
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Pretty much what you would expect from a school in the middle of no where. Everyone is racist and the food sucks.
Mercer County High School is based mostly around agriculture, which I am very involved in, so I fit in and feel at home. The teachers are really nice and always put in extra effort. The teachers actually become your friends and you can have an actual conversation with.
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