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I have gone to Mercer School District my whole life. I have created many relationships with the students and teachers.
Pretty average. Teachers have poor attitudes and do not care about students. Terrible lunches. No school spirit. Minimal parent involvement. Dress coding and punishments are not equal to everyone.
If it weren't for the challenging curriculum Mercer offered me, I'd have never made it thru college. The faculty and students are nice people. Mercer is a GREAT school.
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It was small enough and everyone is pretty down to earth. But the bullying, vaping, smoking, chewing, swearing, and drinking needs to stop!
Mercer is very hospitable in the way that it tends to be accepting even though it is a small school. There is a lot of one on one interaction between the staff and students, making it a friendly environment to come to every day. Even though it is a decent school, Mercer tends to sometimes get wrapped up in the smaller issues as opposed to the bigger ones. We are a lot more concerned about our senior projects and our class projects than we are concerned about teaching the students how to apply to school or how to become financially secure.
Teachers are definetly fair, and willing to work with students that are willing to work with them. There is more diversity than some other schools of the area, and academics are excellent. Never had a problem with safety or any people. Bullying isnt much worse than other schools. Facilities and Resources are satisfactory. Lunch is satisfactory, and has great variety. There is a great range of services for students in need of them as well.
My experience so far at Mercer High School has not been bad. I believe each teacher treats everyone fairly. We show most of our school spirit at sporting events. The school is always kept clean and focuses on a person bettering themselves for the future. The one thing I would like to see change at Mercer High School is better monitoring. I think that some students get away with too much that they should not.
Every part of the Mercer Area School district has helped shape me into the person I am. The teachers and staff have always been there to help me achieve. Overall, everything is great!
The staff is very helpful. My experience from high school was pretty good. The school was a very positive experience for me and taught me many things. But it also didn't teach me enough I needed to know for college. teachers were very strict in a way that it kept me on top of things and organized.
It's a great school that provides many opportunities to excel in academics. They encourage students to do their best and are always there to answer questions and concerns. The only downfall is that it is a small school (about 100-160 kids per grade) and it is not very culturally diverse.
My favorite thing about Mercer is the variety of courses I can take & the teachers. I would like to see changes in the food variety. More healthy food options such as fruit and vegetables. Overall Mercer is a great school to attend and I have had no issues. Everyone is always there to help!
Mercer Area School District is hands down an amazing school to have your child attend. Everyone knows everyone. The staff are very supportive and know you by name. The students know each other. Although the diversity level may be low, it is still a very accepting school. The school offers a lot of extra curricular activities for the students.
Mercer Area Jr Sr High School is a good school. It is not very large which allows the students and staff to know each other on a personal level. I have known everyone in my grade since elementary school and can have a conservation with anyone at any given moment. The staff is good, most of the teachers genuinely care about their students learning. Some teachers force students to teach themselves the majority of the content which is not one of my strong suits. Mercer is overall a good school that I am proud to attend.
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