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Mercedes Independent School District Reviews

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worse district in the valley, only care about sports not academics and getting new books or fixing the AC
The school district is for the most part understandable as far as education and student education. They make the effort to alter things that are flawed for the students well being but they still need to work on communication.
My experience in the school district was quite normal but there is a lot of favoritism such in sports extracurricular activities and it was all on who you know. As well the things I would like to change is everyone deserves a shot it's not on who's your parent is it's not on how good you think you are just because you have connections with in the school but just to give a fair shot to everyone who wants to play in sports being clubs. And it would also be helpful to have college readiness yes or the classes that but it doesn't help you at all they don't help you on how to be ready for college what to expect the test they should be more on top of SATs and on safety
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I liked the student to teacher ratio and the collaboration with one another. Everyone is always offering a helping hand, and the pride within the school makes it a whole lot better. The teachers fulfill their duties with so much passion and make sure you understand every lesson.
My Experience here in Mercedes has been amazing. I came to Mercedes on my freshman year in high school, I thought i was not going to like it. The years have pass now i am a senior in high school, and i totally recommend this school to anyone the teaches, the administration, and even the janitors are really polite.
I have been to Schools all over the Valley from Harlingen to Weslaco, to Edinburg to Mercedes. Mercedes School District has to be one of the most unorganized but yet most strict school district. They are more strict on dress code than what they are actually teaching the students. The poverty rate is very high as well as some of the lowest testing scores in Texas. Teachers dating teacher as well as teachers dating students, when I first heard about all of these inappropriate actions going on in the school district it just made me feel so uncomfortable and I would highly recommend that you do not attend school here.
I would like to see a safer school environment. The security guards don't really help monitor the students when administrators aren't around, they just let the students wander the halls. Better meals should also be served; many students have complained about the school food making their stomachs hurt. Counselors should be better trained and should understand and get to know the students more while also giving them space to breathe. Teachers should also stick to teaching and not try to become the students friend like some teachers have.
Diversity of teachers. Some were really there because they love what they do and care for their students. Others prioritize themselves. Overall, the administration is always willing to help with anything. Sports are somewhat over prioritized instead of academics, but they are prideful in what they do achieve academically.
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