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Merced Union High School District Reviews

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What I liked about the district is that we have some teacher's that truly do care about us and they want us to achieve great things. Something bad I experienced is when we told our counselors we were struggling in a class, instead of looking for a solution they just told us to work harder and talk to the teacher. Also we have some teachers who need to retire,we either can't understand them or have other difficulties.
Merced HS founded in 1895 is a great school. Merced is a diverse community with high levels of poverty yet Merced HS has a great graduation percentage. The long tradition of scholarship and athletics makes this school the right choice in Merced.
I have great experiences with Merced Union High district because when there’s been a problem any way possible they would try to get it fix right away. I also like the way they have better parent involvement than other districts from other places. In my opinion overall Merced Union High district does a pretty great job with their students, parents, and helping out in any way needed
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The school was ok, I would like to see teachers being involved more in the kids mental health rather physical health, we are bombarded with all kinds of school work and sometimes it stresses me out. We need more teachers that care about how school makes us feel and sometimes we do need a mental health day.
I liked their willingness to accept students who struggle and their attempts to help motivate and encourage students to keep going to school. At this school district I see very little students who don't try or don't want to try and it's so inspiring to me to see this type of behavior. Even if the student isn't the best and one subject they tend to excel greatly in another which can lead to potential in that area and field. I'm proud to be part of this district and happy to be able to learn in such a warming environment. Things I would change though would be our 7 periods. I feel like the 7 periods are a little overwhelming most likely because I've been used to the 6 period schedule. I get a sense of stress when trying to balance a social life, school life, extracurriculars, and family problems all at once. If the schedule can be changed to 6 periods again or even an attempt at block schedule I feel like the community will have a increase in grades overall.
Merced Union High School District has been very helpful and made high school a wonderful experience.
Growing up, I have always been in the Merced high school district. They have always been helpful in any problems or issues me or my family have had. Always very kind and genuinely care about their youth.
Merced Union High School District has provided me with the best education there can be. The staff is very friendly and they try their best to connect with the students. As we all know, high schools have a lot of students and it is very difficult to know each and every single person. MUHSD has awesome teachers and students.
I attend El Capitan High School which is a safe and clean campus. The sports are great and the teachers are great. Everyone is helpful and wants each student to succeed.
This is a great district bcause not only do they look out for you but aways push you to slesdy fo better. They push you to your max. That max effort not even yourself knew you had.
My overall experience at this school is great, the opportunities here are great and so are the people. There is always something new here and exciting to look forward to!
our school is very clean and brand new. there are some problems but that only because we are new so it won't be perfect but the teachers teach great. Our school down the line will become very good and i can't wait to see what the future holds for el capitan high school.
My particular school is an okay school. We don't have a very connected school. The food is horrible, but the teachers are very nice and get to know you on a personal level.
In Merced Union High School, they take care of students as if they are their own children. The teachers and staffs all are very hard working people. They will always give opportunities for students to get better. Not only that but they also are there for there students no matter what is it about. It could be about personal issues, school issues, or just any kind of problems that are bothering them. The teachers are also there for the students too for the good news. If good results happen to a student, he/she would love to share the good news to the teacher. This just tells us that our teachers love to be involved with us as students, and the students would love to have someone in their life to listen to them about what has been going on with their lives.
Merced Union High School District is a smaller-scale district that seems to work like many other high school districts. I like the idea that the district is small, so that means that perhaps the focus on high schools within the district is better. However, I dislike the new schedule change, which encompasses shorter class periods, shorter lunches, an earlier start for class on Wednesdays, the addition of a seventh period class.
My experience as a Merced Union High School District student is a mostly positive outlook. The teachers and staff are interested in students goals during and after highschool. The students that are interested in applying into college are given information and resources on how to be eligible to enter college. They also offer resources to students who aren't interested in college after high school. They give opportunities of learning job skills and offer alternative options of life after high school. My high school has had several career days in which students learn the many paths they can take after high school and many don't need the college education path. Also there has been many opportunities when colleges have presentation for students interested in college. My only complaint as a student is sometimes the students here don't feel motivated enough to look at the many opportunities that are given to them.
I'm a students and muhsd and I believe that the school is overall a good school . The school is a little old but the staff, admin, and students are great. We think we are truly the best in town and I believe it. There are certain classes that need new teachers especially the Ap classes. I look forward to the two more years i have at Merced High School.
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Through my experience in the Merced School District, I feel that they can do more for their students. Students can get away with an overflowing amount of wrongdoings. A sum of teachers do not prepare their students for life outside of High school especially related to college.
Classes were boring. Clubs are weak. Teachers are often absent and substitutes don’t know what they are doing. Teachers spent too much time disciplining students and not teaching.
I like the Merced Union High School District, but I would like to see more responses from students when students try to make a difference on campus or would like to see a change instead of getting ignored or getting a poor response. I think the district does try to listen to their students, but I think we should be able to be more involved with the voting of thing because it is the students who will be affected most by it. Overall the district is very good, I just think there could be more involvement and listening to the students rather than disregarding them. I have been apart of this district for 3 years now and I appreciate the work that is constantly being put in. They do care about their students and it is evident through our campus and administration that is present.
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