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I have attended the Merced High School District all four years of high school. My personal experience has been great. I made the most out of every course, program, activity that they was offered. I liked that I had teachers that I truly wanted the best for me and wanted to see me succeed. I personally was involved in cheer, leadership, AVID, CSF, and several clubs offered. If there was one thing I could change it would be the lack of school spirit we had. As a student of Buhach Colony High School I am well aware that this has been a struggle for years and we remain trying to gain more student involvement. Another thing I would like to see a change in is seating areas. I do not feel as though there is enough seating inside of the cafeteria which leads to students being seated outside. During rough weather this becomes an issue. It leads to students going into classrooms in which students seeking help are at and it all becomes overwhelming.
I absolutely love my district although we sometimes have our issues you'll never find a more caring staff of admin then at Golden valley. Our counselors are top-notch and will respond to you within the hour you need help. They are willing to sacrifice their personal time just to make you happy and help resolve your issue I love my school and this district they have always made me feel at home.
What I like about my school district is that we always keep each other safe!!! We can always talk about our help with our teachers. We always feel open with each other and never shy.
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I think that this district has done everything in there power to support us as students and provided a great education.
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MUHSD was a great experience for me. As a high school senior it really opened my eyes in a way that I now know what I want to do in the future and I’m fully prepared. Thanks to this district it made this possible for me.
I liked the fact that there is a variety of different people with different cultures within the district and there are some improvements when it comes to celebrating those cultures. I think that there are some people who are trying to make changes all across the district and they are trying to improve students' experiences. Although, I believe that the academic system is not really improving and I see students who become less and less motivated along with the teachers and administration. I believe that the schools need to get their educational system on track and get a sense of consistency before they focus on anything else. There is a lot of information that students do not even seem to know about. Requirements like the CTE courses and what not are not consistent. There are good intentions in the new programs but I do not think it is fair to students who are being used as guinea pigs and are not being guided.
I had a quality education taught by qualified teachers that enjoyed engaging with students. I went to Golden Valley High School and was well equipped for UC Merced as soon as I graduated.
I greatly adore MUHSD, their the staff and faculty really grow on you and become like family. Through their many programs available to us as students we can join and build connections across not just those in our community but nationwide. Me personally I am in robotics and it is a great club that lets me expand my pursuit into technology and eventually my future career. This can all be thanks to the opportunities given to me as a MUHSD student.
Merced Union High School District is an average district. It's nothing out of the ordinary and I enjoy my learning experience. Our school, in particular, doesn't have a football field and as a school, we aren't very spirited. If we were more spirited, I think I would enjoy my experience even more.
Overall, I like the school district. Yet I believe many things can be improved, like the current bell schedule. The lunch is ridiculously short!
The school district is good, but some of the rules they have been making are not acceptable, such as making school dancers like from 7-10pm or putting a fence around all of their campuses.
My time during Merced Union High School District has been very interesting while I've been here I recieve a good education but I feel as if the teachers could do a better job of getting to know their students.
The thing I like the most about Merced High School District are the people and the teachers. I believe that teachers and staff should watch out for students smoking during school.
Being apart of the merced union district is great for thoses who are very interested and passionate about their future. The district is very supportive in your decisions and helpful.
I had good teachers but students weren't very supportive and they're pretty disruptive. The sports are all equal with different actvities. The food is average and they barely put up more charts.
My experience with Merced Union High School district was not bad. I love all my schools, activities, and food that I have tried. However, I don't feel like I'm learning anything because all my class is stressful and other than stressful I don't feel like I'm learning anything new or interesting. Maybe I will gain one or two things in my head but it's only due to my work and learning skills not from the teacher. Something I would like to change is the teacher teaching skills. I would love to have teachers teach me, but I will also love if they do help us by teaching us and not just giving us the work to do.
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The Merced Union High School District has great teachers, who support and encourage you. The food provided is quite good.
I like the agriculture component of a lot of the schools in the Merced Union High School District. However, I do believe that they need to have a strong adminsitration.
What I liked about the district is that we have some teacher's that truly do care about us and they want us to achieve great things. Something bad I experienced is when we told our counselors we were struggling in a class, instead of looking for a solution they just told us to work harder and talk to the teacher. Also we have some teachers who need to retire,we either can't understand them or have other difficulties.
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