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Meramec Valley R-III School District Reviews

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A small town school is not necessarily a bad thing. MVR3 taught me many life lessons that I can take with me everywhere. The heart and sole of community was taught and sought out in my school District, making me who I am today.
We love Meramec Valley R3 School District. The teachers are the best, always willing to help and listen with any concerns. We live in a quite, rural location and love it.
It's an awesome school. I really like the teachers and the value for our education. I'd recommend this school to anyone looking for a school in the area.
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I have lived in this area and district from first grade to graduation of 12th grade. All 6 of my children attended this district and now my 3 grandchildren do. We love our Meramec Valley RIII Schools!
The compassion that the Meramec Valley RIII staff have shown my children has just been amazing. The after school SACC program has been a god sent! To know my kids are safe afterschool and not home alone is a blessing. My kids get a good healthy snack and get assistance with homework. This makes it so much easier to work outside the home and able to get to soccer and dance on time. We cannot say enough nice things about the TRuman SACC program they are wonderful and include us as family.
Our district makes each and every student feel like home. As they enter kindergarten on through 12th grade we care about each and every child. Our district is always searches to better our staff, students and administration. Our sports coaches are striven to make our student achieve scholarships if they can. We have a great summer school program to get our students ready for kindergarten. Each of our elementary sites has a SACC program for before and after school and a full day summer program for our families. We do such amazing things with our students her at Meramec Valley RIII - we would welcome any child and family to join us.
MVR3 employs quality educators who are invested in student success. The District supports both students and staff. The community, as a whole, is an outstanding place to live and work.
Voted for the Education tax increase in the last 4-6 years and the results have been fantastic! Meramec Valley R-3 is doing a great job of being a progressive and inclusive school district. We moved back to Pacific so our child could attend.
Meramec Valley is a great school district. The administrators and teachers take their jobs seriously and want all students to succeed. There are several activities for all students to participate either during school or after school. Teachers take the time to get to know the students and help them succeed. The buildings have all made improvements to make sure the students are safe and comfortable.
The teachers really care about the students at Meramec Valley! My daughters have both had very positive experiences each and every year. The early college program is just one example of the district’s forward vision to prepare students for the real world. MVR-3 is great and continually getting better!
I don't think the administrators are serious about the education and success of their students. The substitute teachers should be extensively reviewed, there was one substitute teacher who would allow students to vape in class. other substitute teachers sleep in class. I also don't think students are very prepared to enter the world.
A progressive school district that is growing but in desperate need for a Second Language Teacher in Spanish. Don’t bother enrolling your child if he/she speak another language as their first language, they will send them to another school district after a family has already moved into the district. They hired mostly first year teachers with very little class time. They are not go cheap on their bus transportation and have new model buses which is a plus! They need to offer more electives though they have improved. The school district is very involved in the community. They also take prompt care of unruly students and pay attention for any bully situations and address it swiftly. Healthy breakfast and lunches are provided daily. School grounds, maintenance and janitorial are on point! Very well kept schools.
Meramec Valley R-III School District is a progressive school community for students. The high school offers dual registration for junior and senior students to allow students to graduate from high school and Wildwood Community College at the end of the student's senior year. The district has nationally ranked schools with a Blue Ribbon, US News Week, PLTW Distinguished Middle School and so much more. We welcome new families to visit the school district.
I have had three kids go through the school district. The school district is a good district. They have been making progress in quite a few areas.
We just moved to Pacific this year and our daughter has had a terrific experience. Plenty of opportunities and she has made several great friends!
This is an amazing district. Classes are average and you get quite a bit of one on one time with your teachers. Teachers are very knowledgeable in their area of expertise.
I was a student at Meramec Valley R-III my entire time in school. I believe that this school helped me become the person I am today. I had wonderful teachers that would do anything to help me and help me become successful.
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We love MVR-III! The teachers and staff treat ny children as if they were their own. My children have been given the best opportunities. They both I’ve going to school everyday.
My two children graduated from the MVR3 District and were in the top ten of their graduating class. Both transferred 20+ college credits into their University as freshman. The teachers in this district know their students and treat them like family.
I've been a part of my school districts musical program for seven years now and I love it! The instructors are very kind and encourage their students to go out of their comfort zone. If I could change one thing it would be to give the band and art programs more funding.
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