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As a student, I believe that the Mequon-Thiensville School District does a lot to prepare students for the path to higher education. However, for students who are not choosing to take that path there is a bit of a lack of readiness for the "real world". This just simply means that while there are resources for other career paths, they are not a up to date or even readily available for college preparatory resources.
I enjoy the rigorous academic environment at my school, Homestead High School. I appreciate the time and dedication that the faculty gives to aiding the students in achieving a successful career during high school. Homestead has amazing school spirit, and brings out the fun in those four precious years that all kids should be able to experience. I think that Homestead could benefit from more diversity, both ethnically and in thought. An increase of free thinking individuals, I believe, will propel the high school forward in creating a stellar learning environment for prospective students.
The schools education system is terrible. The teachers that work there don't know how to teach and are just there for the money. Half of them don't even know how to dress correctly and it's disgusting. Our principal doesn't think that mental disorders are real and that they can "just be cured". The counselors there are super nice but aren't the best when it comes to mental issues.
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Mequon-Thiensville is a great school district with many opportunities for academic success, a variety of clubs and sports, and a fun energetic staff.
My oldest requires special education and I was told by a district administrator that because she was not going to be an Ivy League student that we should be happy that she will receive life skills knowledge from the high school. Funding for special education was significantly cut a few years back and it is not hard to see how detrimental that funding cut was. Our second child has been bullied physically, emotionally, and verbally, with little to no assistance from educators and administrators alike. In fact, we were told that maybe our child should think about how to fit in rather than complain about being hit. Teachers simply say that they can’t see everything. We are discouraged by the elitist view by the administration to keep the wealthy families happy even when those children bully and terrorize other students.
I have been in this school system since the k5, and have always enjoyed it every year through and through.
Over my eight years in the district, I have evolved as a person and only for the better. I have had limitless opportunities given to me, and the flaws at the school only come from the students.
district is rigorous and provides challenges for students and environment of striving to do your best

Need to come up with better support for AP exams since they are on a trimester schedule
It is a nice community. The school area is very safe. More diversity would be great. Better foods would be great too. I loved the highlander bowl.
Mequon school district is outstanding. Teachers are always available to answer any questions that arise.
It definitely prepares me for college and the student offices are always ready to help. Some times they can be a bit unfair with stacking tests and projects on us right before final exams...
Rigorous college preparation! Homestead High School offers a large variety of AP courses starting in the Freshman year! AP teachers are excellent.
M-T School District has served our family well. It embodies a culture of success. The teachers, board and families build a foundation for the students excel.
The Mequon-Thiensville School District does a great job of preparing students for college by offering rigorous courses and challenging students to stretch their academics beyond what they believe they are capable of.
My experience with the Mequon-Thiensville School District is a semi-pleasant one. Everything was hunky dory until seventh grade where I was put in a lower math class and I took a test telling me that I was not an abstract thinker and put me into a math class called "Foundations." This was a waste of time and way too easy. It wasn't until High School that I was mildly challenged in math. If I stayed on track and took the honors class in eighth grade I would be able to be challenged, but due to that year where I was put in that foundations class I couldn't ever get back to that level. Missing that one year set back my whole math career. It seems like the art department has little to no funding and that art teachers sometimes pay out of pocket to get things for the class. For painting class they cannot afford to give them paints. There is also not a lot of support from the superintendent for the arts program. There is only funding due to the High School’s principal.
This school district is very good and they hire great teachers. The superintendent is very kind and cares about all the students and teachers.
I like my school district. Everyone is really nice, and the teachers really seem to care about their students.
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I had a mostly positive experience at the MTSD. The staff is engaging and you can tell that most teachers are passionate about what they are doing. The classes are challenging, and have always prepared me well for the next level of my education. The only negative thing that I would say about the district is the constant, overwhelming pressure that can be placed on students to succeed. Overall, the district is a great place to learn.
When I first moved to Wisconsin I felt like the new kid but when I got to school that first day I instantly made friends because of my accent. People would ask me to say certain words to display my southern drawl.
Outstanding school with terrific teachers, friendly students, lots of classes for college prep, multiple extra-curricular activities, and an awesome sports program.