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Mentor Exempted Village School District Reviews

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I went into Mentor Schools after being in private school for elementary, and it was a notable improvement. My seven years here have been great, and the district has been helpful, open, and allowed me to succeed in every way I can.
Mentor High School is very large schools that averages 5,000 kids per year. The facility is one of the biggest in North East Ohio. Every student at Mentor is given a personal MacBook to have, and then they keep it everyday, take it home and use it too. They can even take it home over the summer. At the end of your senior year you will return your MacBook. The building also features 3 big lecture rooms. The school also has a Library called The Hub. That is where there is nice seating and spots to study when you don’t have class or have extra time. Mentor holds hundreds of books and you can check out as many as five at a time. The Hub also has a second floor. Students report for an online class up there, and groups can also work in little back rooms they have up there. There is also CTE, which is a 2 year program that you can start as a junior that gives you experience in a specific field of work.
Mentor High provides so many opportunities that help support kids with their dreams and pushes them to achieve them.
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Mentor public schooling is a very progressive school system regarding both technology in the classroom and acceptance of students. The only complaint that I see any person being able to make is the lack of counselor interaction among the student body. This was not an issue for myself regarding college applications, but I know many students struggled and did not feel a close enough bond with their counselor to ask for help.
This school district is amazing. I went to it k-2 but then moved away and had a bad experience at a different district. Then i moved back for my 5th grade year and I been there since.
I loved my time at mentor high! Great atmosphere, great people, and great academics! I feel it prepared me for college better than any of the neighboring school districts could have. The curriculum was very proficient and useful for life after high school. The culture of the school is a very spirited and friendly environment. I enjoyed every moment I spent there.
Mentor Public Schools has provided and will continue to provide me a great education. Throughout the years, Mentor has continued to impress me. I love the use of technology in the classroom because it really does help engage my classmates and I into our assignments. Mentor Exempted Village School District truly is a “5 star” school district because if improvements need to be made they are made, but way past the standard.
Through my experience with Mentor Exempted Public School District, I have been overall satisfied. Mentor Schools has shown exemplary academic prowess through both the ability of its students and the success of its academic clubs. While I am not one for athletics, those I know who are participants speak very highly of those programs. The arts programs, which I am a strong member of, is comprehensive with a skilled and involved staff.
Mentor High School provided me with the resources I needed to excel in my classes. The teaching staff, especially in the arts were truly wonderful and great role models in my life.
It was okay, incorporates blended learning and MacBooks in with current curriculum which is not a reliable form of education. Some teachers really care about the students whereas others don't. There are many different classes but scheduling classes is difficult.
I really liked being a student at Mentor High School. I transferred from a different and smaller high school my sophomore year, and even though it took me a while to get adjusted and to feel comfortable at such a big school, when I graduated, I was so proud to say that I attended Mentor High School and I wish that I would have went there throughout my entire high school career.
It is a good school educationally and leaves a lot of room for interactions and making friends, but falls short with the teachers and staff. Don't get me wrong some of the teachers are the best but sadly most are not. They have a partnership with Lakeland community college which makes it easy to acquire college credits. They have a very strong art department which is why I chose Mentor Public Schools compared to other Catholic schools in the area. Mentor High is such a big school that it gives you so many paths to go down. It's not a matter of does the school have the right path for you but trying to figure out how to find it.
Going to Mentor had a really good experience due to the amazing teachers and knowing that there is always someone to talk to there. The teachers there helped guide there students to the best of there ability for heing college ready
I like every teachers' willingness to help their students. Resources are always available through technology, the library, staff, etc. I do not like the idea of blended learning. Going back and forth from laptop to paper assignments becomes very confusing.
I have been in this school district from grades 5-12, and I can not even begin to explain how fortunateI am to the district! I have incredible teachers that have helped shape me to become the person I am today and for that I will be forever grateful. The support I've received from teachers, administrators and classmates is incomparable to that of any other school district! I am proud to be a Mentor Cardinal!
The district is well organized with knowledgeable staff. My experience with the whole district as a whole was a very positive experience.
The Mentor School District prepares its students for their upcoming careers, whether it will be vocational or college preparatory direction. There are many clubs and outside activities available to students to involve them with other students and the local community.
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I love Mentor Schools and have had great experiences and opportunities throughout my entire academic career thanks to this school district.
The Mentor Exempted Village School District has truly impacted my life in the most positive way possible. Throughout my whole high school career, Mentor has made many new and bold changes to their school system that have impacted the way ordinary learning is taught. Some unique features Mentor has include supplying their younger students with iPads and their high school students with MacBook Airs. One may not see the benefit in doing this, but bringing blended learning into the classroom makes the school district stand out because they recognize how society is changing. Along with bringing in technology, Mentor also innovated their classrooms adding many new smart TVs and upgraded room layouts and furniture to ensure their students are in a comfortable learning environment. Overall, my experience in the Mentor Exempted Village School Districts has been filled with positive life lessons that have impacted the person I am today.
Mentor has a fantastic education program. The middle schools and high schools has many different extra curricular activities and sports programs. College readiness is very important to the staff. The guidance counselors are always there to help with deciding on classes and help pave the path to college and future careers. The students are given an endless amount of resources to help the students reach their full potential. However, some teachers have a poor teaching style. Overall, the Mentor School District is a great district that gives multiple opportunities for students.
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