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Menomonie Area School District Reviews

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My experience in the School District of the Menomonie Area has been terrific! The teachers, support staff members, and administrators do a wonderful job working with children and providing a wide array of opportunities. There are many partnership opportunities in Menomonie with such a supportive community and the University of Wisconsin Stout. My children love m their schools, and my family is proud to call ourselves Menomonie Mustangs.
I've been going to school in Menomonie since I was in kindergarten and now am a Sophmore at UW Stout in Menomonie and still love it
I loved my educational experience in the Menomonie Area School District. The faculty are incredible and truly care about their students. Many are not only focused on the success of their students in the classroom, but their overall well being. There is a heightened importance placed on sports, which can sometimes lead to in groups and out groups, challenging a student's sense of belonging.
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Fine school. Great teachers and good facilities. There are many fun clubs and student organizations for students to join. Definitely pack lunch. Be prepared for snow days! Get involved !
Overall it is a great school. Some of the faculty are not encouraging or motivating. Also more money into things like choir and theater would be great.
A school full of closed minded people with teachers who don’t care about their students. I can only name a few teachers who actually care about their students and how they do in their classes. Along with that there are not very many classes offered to students. The school and classrooms itself is decent due to the remodeling that occurred during 2015-2016. During the time I have gone to Menomonie there has been countless times of gun threats and bomb scares. There have been lock downs and school canceled because of these reasons. Safety is not here. If choosing between Menomonie and surrounding schools, go with the surrounding schools.
I liked how the teachers in Menomonie were very respectful and helpful towards all students. It was always a safe environment and the teachers made sure that students understand what is being taught. Teachers are always willing to work with students who want to succeed. The teachers are willing to stay after school and help students understand what is being taught. The teachers are always making sure that students are ready for the next level, whether it is college or a upcoming test.
Menomonie has many sports programs, along with the art programs which I've been apart of. I love our school's energy and we have a lot of great teachers too. Going into freshman year was easy for me because of many of those teachers. The staff made an effort to help us all out when transferring from middle to high school. Overall my experience has been pretty great so far!
A majority of the people in Menomonie are cheery. They can be very welcoming . When I attended Menomonie high school, I was apart of band. The thing is, it was a very jock school. Every Thursday night before a Friday night football game, the football team was required to attend a dinner where they barricaded a corner of the cafeteria and ate in silence. This was so that they could focus on winning tomorrow's game. With that kind of a mindset, the funding for performing arts was cut down to the bare minimum. The school was recently renovated and is very modern in design.
I love how its a small town. Everyone is friendly to one another. I moved here in the 5th grade and I was used to a big city type area. Menomonie changed the way I viewed things. I am way more involved than I ever was in school before. I like the one on one time the teacher puts into any student that asks for their help. The administrators are all heartwarming and positive. We have a great system here at Menomonie school district.
Id like to see a change in how issues are handled and have equal opportunities for all students without judgment.
I feel like I am very prepared for college because of my experience at Menomonie. I also learned many life lessons through not only my studies, but also through my involvement in extracurricular activities. Menomonie is a great school.
Menomonie Area School District prepares students for life beyond High School. It could improve on some of the material students are learning in classrooms.
The Menomonie School District has to be one of the best in the state. It has many amazing programs for the students. The teachers are amazing they teach the material in a way that no other teacher can.
The school works towards the average kid, and those who are falling behind. People who want to move ahead and learn more are often put aside.
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