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The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, which when combined created the perfect learning environment to increase college readiness.
I am going to be a senior at MFHS this fall and I have loved my past 3 years at this school. All my teachers and peers are kind and encouraging. My teachers have more than prepared me for my future and I am thankful for all of them. There are also countless activities, sports, and clubs and there is truly something for everyone.
There are so many opportunities to be successful here from the wide amount of AP classes and advanced programs that are offered to the extracurricular activities that help you to have fun in the process of becoming college and life ready
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Great school district! needs more diversity in students and staff. More parent involvement would improve student academically.
Teachers are the best I have ever seen, always caring and willing to help. Curriculum is always being improved continuously and it really is helping us.
The school district has high standards for their students, which can be a good or a bad thing. However, there's a lot of bullying and favoritism at play, so students tend to get better grades if they suck up to teachers.
We enjoy our district and feel the band program is stellar along with the strong academics. Very safe community.
I have been in this school district my whole life and its Okay but not my favorite. Some teachers are just Jerks and some are really sweet/nice and give us the answers. So its a nice school to come to and lots of nice people but a very busy school.
Overall, as a student the school is average everything in my opinion. You will always have the bad teachers and the good ones, though they're sometimes rude and have also been disrespectful to my parents multiple times. The hot lunch options are not that appetizing, but if you need food you kinda just got to eat it.
What a great district. We love the commitment to continuous improvement. The facilities have been recently upgraded. The teachers are the best!
As a Hmong- American in a school where the percentage was mostly caucasian, many of my History teachers encouraged me to dig deeper into my heritage which lead to many opportunities for me to educate my classmates in my ethnic background. Other staff members were open to learning new things that I have found about Hmong people which aided me in my passion about my heritage. Now an incoming Senior at Menomonee Falls High School, I would say that my favorite part about the High School was how open the teachers were to learn a new culture. My greatest memory would be the guidance and encouragement the High school staffed offered which will help build me to be a better person in the future. While the staff members do well in aiding the students, I feel as though offering many transcultural clubs and opportunities would be able to diversify the students and help more minorities feel comfortable with their heritage.
Various opportunities to get involved, Healthcare Academy is amazing, Amazing teachers who are there for you for support and help
Well I just really started my experience but so far its been pretty good. I do like the teachers and how they want to help to make there students better. The sports/clubs.
I have been in the Menomonee Falls School District since kindergarten. In my opinion, the best thing about Menomonee Falls School district is the opportunities it has. In the high school there are four different academies, including business, art, STEM, and healthcare, where you take classes based on the field you would like to go into, and there are also loads of clubs. Anything from kickball club, to math club, to international club, to plays and musicals. They have something for all interests and they have a wide variety of sports as well. Every student learns differently and the school tries to accommodate that, but I know that the teaching styles of the teachers do not appease everyone.
Menomonee Falls High School is the best place to attend high school. The school is ranked the 13th best school in Wisconsin. It offers so many AP courses, so there is a fit for everyone. The teachers are the best teachers you will meet--they are very focused on making relationships with the students, so every student feels very welcomed. If I could change one thing, I would change the classroom atmosphere because they need more personality.
I love the teachers and the classes that are offered! Some money is not well spent, more spent towards sports.
Loved Menomonee Falls school. Teachers were excellent. Nice but tough. Felt like you belonged. Too many sports cliques though. The only downfall is a large school wins lots in sports but not everyone can play. Could use some more intramural type sports where you are playing to have fun and not just win but can have some camaraderie and teamwork and exercise.
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When there was a issue that required a change in format of instruction, they put the student first. Their focus on education is student based and not just every student has to follow the same tract of education. They validate the need to put individual needs over the "one size fits all" mentality.
I like the community feeling. I think there are many different opportunities to get involved if you really want to.
I like the variety of clubs and activities that we have here. There is the potential for students to get a good education depending on which classes they choose. I feel like I learn from all of my teachers.
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