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Menominee Area High School has not prepared me for high school. Whether it be the lack of education to the administrators, or the blatant ignorance of the school board. Menominee High has very few teachers worth learning and taking classes from. This is mostly because all of the quality teachers leave due to lack of payment and services provided by the school. The teachers are not well represented by the school board. In fact, there has been several teacher strikes during my whole K-12 career. Menominee doesn’t value it’s students, and that’s the bottom line.
Menominee High School is a small school without the small school charm. Most of the teachers do not care about actually teaching, they only care about the test grades. Administration gives trouble kids a pass so they don’t have to deal with them. All around a mess.
I really appreciated the effort that the teachers put into our education. However, the lack of administration, inability to properly teach advanced students due to a lack of faculty, and a pure focus on football program has led to a quite awful school. There is also an alarming problem with drugs, lack of money to support other school activities, and falling test scores. While the teachers are a tremendous help, I still wouldn't recommend your child attending this school.
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It was a great place to go to school.the surrounding area and city is a quiet town that was a great place to grow up. Was it the best school ever? Probably not. But it was a great place to attend.
I have been at Menominee school for years and there is not much diversity but all ethnicites are accepted and no one i have seen has been discriminated for their race. The food at the cafeteria is usually healthy and sometimes it is a little under cooked but it is acceptable because they only get a said amount of time to make the food. The teachers are always helpful and try to teach the kids more than just what the district wants to teach them. They seem to understand that the young people who go to Menominee are the future generation and want the to succeed. The people in sports are usually very dedicated and try their hardest and having being in cross country I have seen how dedicated they have been.
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