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Mendota Unified School District Reviews

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I personally think the District is fair and does a good job keeping us up to date with things we need to know. The teachers are all pretty good some better than others and some are really passionate of what they do and teach. I think the district has safe campuses for the most part. They care for the students and office administration such as the counselors in the high school, give alot of resources and help.
My experience at mendota unified school district has been good because I grew up with this district and it has been very good to be. The district cover a lot of people from a small town and I have seen it grow over these past years from my first day in kindergarten to my last year as a senior in high school. The district has been made great by all of the innovative things that we bring each year to the table and I believe that our district is one of the best in the valley. Mendota unified is actually a very unified because the people in this community do not really have much though we all come to getter and become something bigger than ourselves.
At the campus of Mendota, ther is great impact for all the students and parents as well. The school offers many opportunities which involve the students, from clubs to volunteer work and educational trips. the interaction between students and admin is great, and there is notiable care and hardwork that is shown. The campus life is widely open and feels safe.
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Great teachers! They have tutorial for students who are failing there classes every Tuesday and Thursday. The school has a great with sports and students get along there’s. Has been no fights for the year of 2019. The school handles bullying right on the spot so the students can feel safe.
Mendota Unified School District is highly recommended for its convenience. It is located in Mendota, California and has six schools catering to Kindergarten and twelfth grade students. The teachers here to help the students succeed academically and a student can not only go here expecting to learn, but they can go here expecting to have fun. In high school, the staff and alumni are ready to get you ready for college by walking you through the application process and helping the students prepare for tests such as the SAT or ACT. If there is one thing that I hope that'll change in Mendota Unified School District is the culture. There isn't really a whole lot of it but that is only because the students and staff are working to get us ready to college. MUSD is a great choice to make lifelong friends and to prepare yourself or your child for college or the workforce.
Mendota has been a great school for me and the reason why is because it has such great counselors who are willing to help you in all that they can in order for you to graduate. At Mendota high school you will recieve the help that you need in order to pass all your classes and be able to graduate.
The program that the school provide for the students. On if my favorite program is color guard. This is my favorite program because you have the opportunity to work on a group. Being part of this group is a great experience. But this program is not the only program in Mendota we have sports after school program. One of the after-school program is jsa this program help us the students to make divate and express our interest in politics. This this program is runned by a group of students. This program give the opportunity of been leader.
I am currently a Senior, this is a great school to attend. The teachers, counselors, and administration are always very helpful. They try to give us a lot of advice for college and so on.
Mendota High School is a great school filled with passionate teachers and motivated students. With most of the students being children of farm workers, they are driven to succeed. Academically, there are teachers and administration that genuinely want the best for students. Many resources are provided to help students move forward and prepare for the future.
My experience at Mendota is great. They keep the student safe and have a great learning environment. They also offer great course to take. They have online classes and honors and advanced placement classes as well. Something that I would like to see a change is to add more sports just as badminton.
Mendota is the place where I was born and raised. We are hard working and beautiful people inside and out. The community feels like a great big family. I would raise my kids here.
Overall, I had a great experience in Mendota High School. There were countless opportunities offered and the overall environment was very friendly. There were also a series of clubs and activities to participate in whether it was academic or for personal enjoyment. I feel the Mendota High School has helped me shape the person I am today and motivated me to achieve great success in life.
I love how everyone is friendly. Many teacher show their pasion to teach. I think they can improve visually and supporting the performing arts classes.
My experience at Mendota Unified School District, or Mendota High school in particular, was one I am thankful for. As a transferstudent from another school district, I noticed the difference immediately. The students at Mendota High School are much more dedicated to school, and the teachers are much more dedicated to the students. The learning environment here is well suited to prepare students for their future endeavors.
FIrst of all, my life right now has change drastically because of high school experienced. When I say experience I mean during and after school. We can join and do a lot of things after school like fishing club, adventure club, archery club, weightlifting, and many more but the ones I am involved in are weightlifting and fishing club. I like the way that Mendota is also changing in a good way, not a lot but little by little. Mendota can be change to give people a sense of safety and not be scared to walk around by themselves. That one thing that could help do that is fix the streets but if we can't then at least some parts of the sidewalks because some parts of Mendota don't have sidewalks and if they do they are uneven or cracked.
I recently graduated from Mendota High School and my experience was not as fulfilling. Mendota High School is a great school, but it didnt prepare me for a college experience. Now that I am in college, I wished that I could have received the proper education to meet the academic standards of my current school. Despite my personal opinion regarding my education, Mendota High School is an adequate school for students who would like to stay close to their home for college. This school offers many Advance Placement courses that can help any student to become college ready. It is also great in the area of extracurricular activities. The school offers a variety of clubs that can help a student gain experience for future resumes. I was part of many of these clubs and have used experience gained in those clubs on my resume. Overall, the school can use some improvement on the knowledge the teachers have to offer, but it's a great school for the experience a student can obtain.
My past four years in Mendota High school have been really good. Everyone is close to each other and we mainly know almost everyone.
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