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Menahga Public School District Reviews

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I liked the small community of Menahga; everyone knows each other and gets along well. It's a great atmosphere to grow up in. However, I would like to see a greater focus on preparing students for life after high school, and I would like to see a stronger shift to caring for the students' wellbeing rather than their grades.
I loved the small classes and fun teachers! Menahga is a small town which makes it easier to get to know the people. They’re currently adding on which will be fun to see!
My overall experience with Menahga High School was alright. It wasn't the greatest thing ever because bullying is a problem. For 2 constant years I was bullied with little to no help from staff. I enjoy my teachers and the overall atmosphere of the building. I'd love to see the school have more fun opportunities and better college prep. I've learned little to nothing that I'm going to use once I graduation. Also the food isn't the greatest, it's just not what people want. There's very little and the only reason I eat school lunch is because it's currently free.
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Menahga is a small town school that is really starting to grow. In my opinion, small town schools are the best - you know everyone there, and they all know you. The teachers are great, like all of us they have their days 😉, but they're all wonderful teachers! I'm currently doing PSEO, but went to Menahga from K-10, and am proud to say that I will graduate with an associates degree and a diploma because of Menahga.
The school is small, and everyone knows everybody. The teachers are very great, they teach you well and you have a lot of one on one time with them. Our student population is growing tremendously so something I would love to see change is the buidling itself. We need to add on and get more classrooms. We don't have enough room for the growing population. When we have concerts, we have to live stream them and parents, and grandparents have to sit in the library and watch it on a big screen instead of being there physically watching them because the gym isn't big enough to hold everyone. We voted on a building referendum and it didnt pass, so now what we have to do is split some classrooms in half. So now instead of having one class in one room, now we are having 2 different classes in one room. I love the school, but it is a major struggle in our education if we don't have the room to be able to learn. We have to keep turning kids away because we don't have enough space.
Definitely a good school opportunity wise, lots of PSEO options, bullying is pretty low. There's definitely a lack of diversity and about 50% of the people in the school are from one close knit somewhat judgemental church group.
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