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I love attending Mena Public Schools! It's a loving environment, where everyone is friendly and willing to lend a helping hand. The teachers and administration strive to better the students and truly love their jobs. The school is very active with numerous clubs and sports year-round. It has been a wonderful place to spend four amazing years of my life. I can truly say they have helped prepare me for college in ways no other school can compare to. Mena Public Schools will always hold a special place in my heart.
I loved Mena, great experience, but some things within administration were very corrupt. The teachers were excellent, the environment was great as well. We had a very overbearing principal who felt the need to give pardons to certain students and none to others. He cared about your last name, not the actual act that caused the student to be in trouble. Aside from him, the school is excellent and I loved every minute of it.
I have attended Mena high school for over 8 years. This school is amazing. It is an overall safe place and worry free. MHS could spend more time on things other than sports.
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Overall, Mena is a good school district. It has many opportunities and it's challenges you to do better in your academic career.
It is very nice here. I wish that or the food was better though. It seens that every one here is very nice. I wish that some of the reachers were nicer (expesally Mrs. Hansard.) The nurse needs to give kids things other than tums. If you have a headache she gives you a tum. If you get hit in the face, she gives you a tum. I mean really? Its like all that she has! Other wise, I think thatmen's middle school is a very nice place.
The teachers are really nice and good at their jobs. If I have trouble with schoolwork or anything, they are always available to help me. I feel safe there and like I am actually learning something in my classes. My only complaint is the food is very plain and most often the same.
With this being my senior year, I can absolutely say I love Mena High School. There are many opportunities to be involved in clubs, sports, and the community. Wether you're a geek or jock, there is somewhere you fit into. Although, I do wish the teachers praised the students more on their great work. I am involved in many activities and clubs along with the rest of my class. I love how there is somewhere for everyone to fit in at. However, the cafeteria food is better this year, but we still do not have much of a variety.
The Mena School District is a close knit and high achieving district, with 3 of the 4 schools all on one campus. Classroom sizes are small to allow one on one teaching for a better learning experience. Sports programs are offered as young as third grade, and the beginning band program starts in sixth grade. All high school coaches are knowledgeable in their sport, and the volleyball and softball teams have received a state title and championship many times. The Mena Bearcat Marching Band has won many awards and has won the sweepstakes title many times. The Mena High School District is one that definitely stands out. Police officers are on every campus to provide safety to the students and faculty. With the JAG and Orientation to Teaching programs, high school students are able to regularly visit the middle and elementary schools for tutoring and other encouragements. All campuses work together to make a better learning experience for everyone.
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