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Worst school district!!!! Children are getting hurt with broken bones concussions and staff and admission don’t care and won’t do phone calls home!!!! Staff has hometown favorites and leave the children that their parents choose to send them to a awesome school stuffer!!!
I’m one of the many families that pulled our children from this district and will be driving to another
Memphis Community schools is a very excellent schooling system. I as a student at Memphis lean all new comers to enroll their kids at Memphis because it's a great group of schools. They know how to accommodate every student to their needs. They are there for you from the start. Memphis is a cute and small family if teachers and students. I would recommend Memphis to anyone. Memphis is a great choice.
Memphis is a very tiny school which can be good in some ways. Everyone is very close here but it can backfire sometimes.The teachers are good but there are others were you don't learn a single thing. The classes they have for options are very minimum. Same with the after school activities there aren't many to choose from.
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The Memphis Community Schools need improvement. The teachers care but have too many limitations that keep them from being the amazing teachers that they are, such as No Child Left Behind. The students also have extenuating life circumstances that teach them that doing the right thing gets them no where and that doing the wrong thing gets them what they need and/or want. Students want to learn and teachers want to teach in Memphis, but it is hard because of the circumstances that both must work and live in.
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