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My high school itself isn't bad. I've created great bonds with some of my teachers, who have been very helpful when it comes to figuring out homework, needing a recommendation, or someone just to talk to. I've made so many memories, good and bad, learning valuable lessons along the way. You can succeed if you use the resources suggested to you.
At Melvindale Highschool, overall was a great experience. The diversity is amazing here, and at the end of the day all of the students come together, no matter the circumstances. We aren’t always the smartest, or the best at sports, or the most flashy school. But no matter what the staff and students always dealt with what we did have and we always made the best of it. The only thing I wish I had have was a little push with the academics. I wish I was challenged a little more so I could be extra prepared for college.
I went to Melvindale schools K-12. I think Melvindale has a lot to improve on.. Although they do have great faculty and diversity (which is very important) they lack in academics. I do not believe Melvindale prepared me for college at all except for my Pre-Calc and AP Calc classes. Furthermore, to release the AP Calc teacher because of a contract discrepancy is ridiculous as he was going through some unforeseen and unfortunate events.
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I really like the diversity and the exposure students get to many different cultures. It really brings the small school and community together as one. Our principle is such a great person and he will do whatever he can to help you succeed and reach your goals.
Melvindale-North Allen Park Schools we're pretty good in my opinion. Most of the teachers there taught students well and helped them as much as they can at their own pace. Some students there though are immature and disrespectful to other students and their elders. It is the only problem I had there. Out of my four years, I had a great time with my friends and even had straight A's throughout all four years. I wish they would teach or inform us more with college, financial aid, etc, but not enforce it on others as well.
What I liked about Melvindale was the teachers and how they cared and helped students when needed. Something I would change would be them opening all the school bathroom instead of the 3 they have open. It is very crowded in the bathrooms.
This school has many diverse and competitive students but the teachers here are very average along with the academics
Great school! the teachers are nice the staff is amazing and everything in the school is cool the school spirit is so nice our academics are great our diversity is amazing all kinds of students in this school from Mexicans, Muslims, White, Black, and Asian. Our sports are phenomenal especially our soccer team who made it to the state finals in school history.
in Melvindale high school the teacher are respectful and the principle do care about us and the counseling teachers try to help us out and change the best thing for us. our school has many and many clubs hat u can join and they can get to an a full rid scholarships. Melvindale high school has many of college classes and they teach us to get read for the sat.
What I liked about Melvindale-Northern Allen Park schools is that they listen well to the students suggestions. For example, when the students were not satisfied with the school lunch, they took our suggestions and made our options better. One thing I would like changed is if during lessons, real life problems could be incorporated.
I have been at this school for 4 years, and I have been at successful rate sentence I got at this School. Melvindale High School was the best school for me and me alone, Melvindale High has taught me how to open up and become a better person on my life, plus I became friends with my teachers and classmates.
What I like about Melvindale-Northern Allen Park school district is the diversity. being a student in the district you get exposed to many different backgrounds.
Melvindale is a pretty good high school. I love the sports and also how we are a family. I was new to diversity but this school showed me what it means to accept all different kinds of people because they do benefit this world in some way.
The best thing at melvindale schools is the diversity. The way they interact with each other is truly remarkable the high school also offers so many after school activities which is great
The school is very ethnically diverse and has many resources to prepare the students for their futures. A lot of the teachers and staff are very diverse in the way they teach and assist the students. One thing I would like to see change would be the time put into instructing advance classes to ensure students understand materials and advance on.
What I liked is that there is lot of diversity and good classes that can help you in the real world. What I would like to change is the food
As a graduate of Melvindale high school things changed academicly from when I went to know. Each year it just keeps getting better.
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Overall the Resourse and special education services and teacher are excellent. However I don't feel they encourage or prepare these students for college. The staff takes a special interest in the sport teams .Almost all the students have to participate in Votech because there's not enough elective classes to fill the course class schedule. The so called college counselor is never availbe doesn't help with anything.. This school has a 100% application rate for seniors and they love to take credit for this.. However this is an actual part of there English class they all have to apply during class and do so the 1st two weeks every year in October. For academics I wouldn't recommend this school, sports students sure.
The high school I attend shoes blatant favoritism towards it's students. throughout my high school time, I was apart of drama club. The school barely helped us out with funds, and the staff was clearly less enthused about what we were producing than with, for example, the athletics department. We get the last scrapes of funds from the school, so most of the money we had to use was from fundraising. It's basically us against the school. The building is also terrible. It is incredibly hot in most of the building despite it being cold outside, and we do not have air conditioning in most of the building so we all burn. We've also got mismatched desks and floor tiles and such because It's not a terrible school, though. The teachers are overall alright.
The community is a very accepting one, coming with understanding students and administrators. The curriculum is one that will help students reach their highest potential.
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