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The social studies department is amazing. Everything else about this school is terrible. I would like to have a new pool built in the school. The administration does not do their jobs. Also, their pasta is to die for. Someone literally died because of it.
The principal is a fantastic leader. He has created an inclusive supportive culture at the High School.
Melrose Public Schools has given me so many opportunities to take AP classes, pursue amazing extracurriculars (like orchestra and cross country), and has INCREDIBLE teachers who genuinely care about the students both inside and outside the classroom. Despite this, I wish there were more opportunities to take more computer science classes and practical classes like home economics and personal finances to prepare for life outside school.
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Melrose is a small city, so the schools aren't consisted of a lot of students. Overall, melrose does their best to make the school systems a place where everybody belongs.
my experience could have been better but overall the schools could use some work to facilities such as the bathrooms. and the library was done up for students not to be able to go in it.
The school is excellent for everything from sports,clubs.languages.Only I will be add more weeks for exchange student for traveling to Europe.
Melrose Public Schools showed me a new perspective on learning and how to treat others. The diversity we had in the schools made everyone feel welcome and not like an outsider. In middle school and high school there were so many clubs you could join and really helped me find my true friends and what I like to do for hobbies. The sports they offered were so much fun.
I have been apart of the Melrose Public Schools Community since Kindergarten, Along with my siblings. There has never been an issue with our education. Melrose Public Schools works hard on making every student feel safe and accepted. I have learned so much throughout my years in Melrose and made so many amazing friends because of this school system. The acedemics are amazing along with the Clubs and Activities.
Melrose public schools often has administrators that do not understand the kids as the way they should.
Melrose High is possibly the best school in the country. Despite having the best looking student body NATIONALLY, everyone is accepting and cool. Not to mention that we have the best school spirit and all our sports teams are state champs. People even love the principal. Like wtf
In all my four years of high school, I found that the teachers are all great and the curriculum is not all that bad. High school has been a tough experience for me, beginning with getting to know the school and making new friends. Making new friends was never my strong suit but I found comfort in all of my teachers; especially the nurse there. I have always had my teachers behind me through everything and that is what I love about Melrose High School. When it comes to changes about the school, I really would not change anything; as long as the wonderful staff is there.
Melrose as a whole is a very tight knit community where families have known each other for generations. As a student at Melrose High School, I have made lasting friendships, both with students and teachers. I have been lucky to have exceptional experiences with teachers and other faculty members that have made my career as a high school student perfect. The faculty members of Melrose High are compassionate and strive to help students in more than just school work.
My experience in the Melrose Public Schools system has overall been a good experience. I come from a different background than the typical melrose student, so it is interesting to get a different perspective on what life is like going to a predominately white school. The school system has a pretty good group of teachers that wish, help, and want their students to succeed in school and life after graduating. The only thing I wish to change is the level of diversity, I feel as though that would help students of color feel more comfortable in school and allow students and teachers to be open to people of different backgrounds. Other than that, Melrose Public Schools shows pride and support within the community of Melrose.
Education was not taken into account with standardizing the schools. They either dont follow the common core at all or they follow it too strictly. There isnt an inbetween. And there is no attention towards fixing civil rights problems. Which there are many of.
Teachers and admins are always willing to help students with any questions or concerns. Schools have a lot of clubs and activities to join to, especially sports. Events like prom, spirit week, senior week, homecoming, etc. are always fun to go to.
My best experience at Melrose High School was participating on the Swim Team. I also really enjoyed Anatomy and Physiology as a class.
Melrose public schools have helped me not only strive as a student but as an individual as well. As a freshman I wanted to go to a private school because I believed that would give me the best opprotunity to grow. By staying at the Melrose schools I realized there was no other place id rather be than there. The experience and knowledge I recieved could not have been better.
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I have spent my entire life in Melrose Public Schools, elementary through my current year of high school (I'm a junior). I believe it is a good school system with decent teachers and classes. I take several AP classes and I have done well on the AP exams. I get good grades and I feel prepared for college.
Melrose Public Schools prepared me for college with their multiple AP courses that they offered to all students. How the class was conducted, the experience of the class, and the outcome of learning greatly depended on the teachers that the classes were taught by. Meaning, the class and learnt information was either a hit or a miss.
I love the schools themselves and the teachers within them. However, the district's administration is poor and the food at Melrose High is terrible.
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