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There is an amazing staff, always offering their assistance with anything you need help with. Whether it relates to academics or not.
The teachers are very involved with the students. The principal takes action to make sure we reach our full potential and makes sure he talks to every single student to make sure we are doing good in school. Having the vocational classes are a huge help toward students.
Meigs High School is a very good school that helped set me up for what college had to throw at me. The teachers there are very helpful and they are really good at reaching out to those who are falling behind. The best part about Meigs High school is that they give an extra hour to all students at the end of the day so they may work on homework while in school. The only reason why I am not giving the school 5 stars is due to the students there not being able to keep things clean and usable.
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What I like about Meigs Local School District is that the teachers actually care about the students and try to help them in their academic conquest. The major problem I had was how early you had to get up. Elementary students and intermediate students had to get up at the same time as the middle school children and highschool students. Highschool started at 7:45 and we got off the bus last.
there are a wide choice of classes you can take you will have classes with all grades and be able to make many friends. the teachers at Meigs are really there for students and go out of their way to help all students as much as they can. Going to Meigs has been one of the nest experience i have ever had and even having the opportunity to go to other schools i still chose Meigs over and over.
Meigs high school is the place where both of my parents went to school, where my brothers went and where i go. I love this place with all my whole heart. my kids will go here if i have to say it. My whole life has evolved around going to school here
My experience of Meigs high school is like no other I love this place and the people involved with the school, everyone here is here to help you and want you to succeeded. The sport and academics all around are wonderful the sports are helping you be more then an athlete but also preparing you to be good husbands and wife's and trying to get you prepared for the real world. All around my experience at Meigs high school is great!
Meigs is a amazing school. It preparing me for the real world and giving me opportunities for a great future.
I have been a student at Meigs Local Schools my entire life and I wouldn't want to learn anywhere else. The teachers care about their students more than anything; they are here for us. I have always had a great relationship with my teachers and that makes all the difference. The people here are very encouraging, and I wake up with excitement to see them every day. Graduation will be a bittersweet moment, as I move on to furthering my education, but leave behind some very incredible people.
I love Meigs High School. The community of Meigs County as a whole, is very close. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone supports everyone. We live in a beautiful small town along the Ohio River, and we celebrate traditions that go back to before our Grandparents time. The love is strong at Meigs High School, and I’m glad I have the chance to be a part of it.
I went to meigs local my entire life and it never got better, actually by high school it was only worse. The faculty seem to be caught up in making friendships rather than actually doing their job.
I would like to see more College Credit Plus classes at Meigs. I would like to see more foreign language classes. I would like to see more opportunities for students with out the financial ability to go to college to get a chance.
I have attended Meigs Local School District my whole life and I have been nothing less than highly satisfied with the educations that I have received throughout my schooling career.
Teachers are nice and assist in helping anytime I ask. Biggest change would be the food served in the cafeteria.
I feel that you have to be certain people or be related or know certain people to succeed. The class of 2107 had more than 30 students eligible for National Honor Society. They selected all but five, making just a few students feel less than adequate about themselves. I was ranked 14th in the class, playing two varsity sports and had close to 30 community service hours. I worded very hard for years to have this opportunity only to have it stripped away because certain teachers picked the students who they wanted to be inducted into the national honor society.
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