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Meigs County School District Reviews

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I felt that Meigs High was a helpful school and they were determined to guide us in the right path for our future. Unfortunately, we didn’t have as many extracurriculars or variety of classes which would be a nice addition.
Meigs county is a great school with an even better community. Meigs county has a dress code but besides that it’s a great school.
I would like to see the school progress into having more positions of study along with more faculty.
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This is my hometown high school. Much has changed since then as I am a college senior now. However, I have memories and experiences there that I will never forget. Great small town high school that is much of what brings that community together.
If you have a certain name you are ok or if you are an Athlete your set more emphasis is set on athletics than academics for sure we would be st an academics award banquet they could not focas on these kids without asking if anyone knew the score of the game. There was no one who could help the kids with scholarships and applications for colleges in a timely manner the joke was make sure you email it or it will not get answered ( well this was true) they pushed kids towards the 2 year schools Cleveland State first for sure as if they got kick back even if they were getting a full ride elsewhere no help from them there are rats running in the hallways and ceilings watch when opening your locker I have a video of a snake in the girls locker room if interested roaches as well but that's pushed to the back burner gotta build a new field house sports come first so safety had to be all time low
Meigs County School District are great at working with getting the kids ready for the next grade level if they can keep up with the class. As for kids that don't learn as fast as other, they need programs to help these kids.
It's a beautiful school district but it could do better academically and have more college opportunities.
I would most like to change somethings at the middle school level, and the preparation for next level education ex. for high school while in middle school and college while in high school
My experience at Meigs County High School was not the greatest. Some of the academics are behind, numerous desks with graffiti, neglected bathrooms, dirty halls, roaches and mice, and an elitist attitude, placing a greater emphasis on being in a sport than some acedemic persuits.
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