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Mehlville R-IX School District Reviews

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I like how closely bonded all of the students are to each other from different school activities but I think our disciplinary system needs to be changed. There are serious things that my school I feel don’t even get address at all but then other students have strict consequences for very minor things. Those priorities aren’t right.
a diverse school that focuses on preparing students for the next step in their educational process.

Good social and academic clubs and groups along with their athletic program.

Parent groups go the extra step to fill the gaps the district can not fiscally support.
My children received a wonderful education. They had dedicated teachers who cared about the students beyond the classroom.
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Absolutely love this district! They are doing Amazing things here and other schools are coming in all the time to see best practices from the teachers here! Such a diverse school district that gives students lots of possibilities for learning.
What I loved about being a student in the Mehlville School District is that if you knew what you wanted to do prior to the education system, then your teachers and counselors will do everything in their power to help prepare you for your future.
It was a good place for school. Most of the teachers were kind, although there were a few problems here and there. However, my main issue was with the counseling department. I went a few times to discuss college plans, and was told a few times I should consider a different major, and that I was “better suited” for science instead of art and design.
I liked the school spirit from both Oakville and Mehlville High School! What I did not like was the amount of fighting and bullying i've seen throughout my time at Oakville High School.
This school I’ve attended is a great for learning and making friendships. Some teachers are great and vary helpful.
It was fun and great. The teachers are amazing. Teachers should get raises because of how awesome they are. Way to go, Mehlville!
Our experience in the district was overall very good. Our children attended Rogers Elementary and we could not have been happier with our experience there! Parent involvement was higher than anywhere I've ever seen. Our children attended Oakville Middle School and had a wonderful experience there as well. It was a great environment for learning to be more independent.
I have enjoyed my experience at Mehlville these last four years, and I'm excited about my future. I believe that my teachers over these last four years have helped me prepare for the next journey of my life.

One thing that I feel did not quite prepare me for college, was the expense, and how it would have an impact on me after graduating from college. I wish they would offer more instruction on finance, how to manage money, and how to better prepare myself for those financial challenges that lie ahead.

Overall I enjoyed my experience.
I was in the Mehlville School District since second grade and graduated from Mehlville High School. The teachers are very smart and helpful. They have great curriculum options, like the option to be in Project Lead The Way Biomedical Science classes throughout high school, which exposes students to healthcare and the medical field. I have only encountered a couple to a few bad apples within the teachers during high school, simply meaning some could care less if their students pass or fail. Overall, I had a great experience with the students and faculty at Mehlville School District.
I liked the amount of academic progress it provided to students, but the lack of public funding and school programs made for few positive experiences outside of learning
I liked the Mehlville was very open and inclusive to all students. Although at times, it wasn't the best policy. Although, my experience at Mehlville was a bit bland due to myself not joining many clubs. They made high school fun for others and I believe that they did an amazing job at it.
I’ve enjoyed my experience here. I think the education could be at a higher level, but have liked most of my teachers through four years here. A lot of the sports teams, unfortunately, are not very good. This year will be my fourth year of baseball here. We have yet to have a winning season. So hopefully they can improve in this area. There’s definitely a wide culture here and you get a chance to meet other kids from a lot of different countries. Overall, I would recommend Mehlville.
I came from a small school in the city, and I have loved every thing about Mehlville High School. I have made so many friends, I love the area it's located, the sports are great, and the teachers are wonderful.
I love the diversity and freedoms I have gained in my education here. I have to liked the schedule change. Overall, my experience has been good.
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It's a good school district overall. Most teachers are helpful and willing to help out if you need help. Baseball coach is willing to help find college to continue with baseball career.
Great environment with great teachers. Very diverse school with people of many different backgrounds all coexisting in a great school system.
Mehlville Senior High attempts to provide a welcoming environment for students. However, some of the staff does the exact opposite. As a high school alum I can confidently say the staff had more drama to deal with between each other then the high school students. In need of new staff!
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