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I loved the friends I made here but the school's culture was at times toxic and stressful and with the constant overturn of teachers it was hard to find someone that you could rely on at all times.
I enjoyed my time in Medway Public Schools. I grew a lot during my time in this school system, and learned countless valuable things. The large amount of different classes and extracurricular activities at Medway Public Schools is great and impactful on students' education, and is something I am very grateful for. There are also, however, some things I would definitely like to change about Medway's schools. The diversity in Medway Schools is small, and therefore leads to a somewhat uneducated and ignorant atmosphere when it comes to certain social issues. An emphasis on education and understanding of different types of people and issues would be extremely beneficial to the Medway school system and would improve the experiences of many students here.
Medway public school provided me with a great education. The staff and students are in a great community. The schools have good resources and offer student with a variety of classes options to further their education.
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Great teachers, good learning environments, positive attitudes all around. Lots of great sports teams that work hard both in school and on the fields/courts/rinks. Clean classrooms and overall Medway Public Schools are great!
They school is very nice from the campus to the faculty but the one down side is the bad diversity but that can not be fixed by the town. Its a great school and would recommend it to any one who is thinking about attending the school.
My experience at medway schools was great. Teachers are very helpful and classmates are fun and friendly
First the good stuff: nice school system, very good to excellent academics
New or very well maintained facilities especially the High School
Now not so good: the "excellent academics" part is strongly a function of the
parents engaging and sometimes forcing their kids to do homework, which I
would add is not very much (homework that is).
Like most things nowadays ---- it's all on us parents!
Academics is strongly slanted toward reading and much less toward math and science. This is reflected in the MA State Dept of Education rankings which places Medway as nearly equal to Mendon in academic status:
High Sch Math Reading
Medway 90% 98% <--- ??
Mendon 90% 97%
Holliston 97% 100% <--- !!
Ashland 97% 98%
Let's go Medway! We CAN do better - especially for what our teachers get paid...
(note the school percentile but have to dig for the breakdown shown above)
Extremely welcoming environment. Helpful, caring teachers who are willing to go the extra mile to help. Abundance of clubs and sports. Great test scores. Overall proud to have gone to Medway Schools.
The teachers within the school system genuinely cared about their students. The schools system in Medway felt like a safe environment, and went above and beyond to care for students in times of need. My one criticism is the senior seminars. I have always been in accelerated English, and putting the standard students with the accelerated students really held the class back. I felt as if only a small handful of students did the work and contributed to the class.
During my time in Medway Public schools, I was astounded with the reputation we have. For a small town with a small system, we still rank in high positions for test scores, GPA's, etc. The faculty/staff, from our Superintendent to the Janitors, are all wonderful people who truly care for the well being of their students. Our middle/high schools provide core classes at three levels; standard, accel, and honors, and our high school adds AP. Our athletes are dedicated and strong. The coaches do a great job of balancing tough love and real world coaching. Our schools are clean and up to date. One huge thing I wish would change is the funding and support for the arts. Our admin has never really tried to invest time and money into the arts, such as our choruses and bands, and musical/drama clubs. I hope that in the future I see our music departments being advertised as much as sporting events, with the funds spread equally over sports and music.
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