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Medina Valley Independent School District Reviews

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Many students believe the administration has too many rules and are too harsh, however once graduated it is easy to see how the admin have been very open to hearing students' opinions and finding a middle ground on reasonable requests.
Medina Valley Independent school district is a very warm and welcoming place to attend elementary, middle, and high school. In my experience, the teachers and staff do a fantastic job of being supportive and helpful in all areas. They offer tutoring before and after school and will help at any time. The students are kind and welcoming to everyone. Sports and academics is what sets Medina Valley higher than schools in the surrounding areas. It is a safe place to have a child attend school and be successful with their peers. The STEM program offered at the high school prepares students to take on challenging and rewarding tasks to become ready to attend college or university.
I went to school there for highschool it was really fun. Compared to most schools that I have friends that go to Medina valley sounds a lot better then others
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It’s a little too strict on the phone policy. If I get a important call I have to go to the front office to return the call on the school phone
The School is clean, rules are strict and enforced. Plan on attending Saturday school if you forgot your student ID. Plan on attending Saturday school if you are failing a class. Plan on attending Saturday school if you have poor attendance. Three tardies equal an entire missed day of school. If your tardies are even 5 minutes for 3 times its counted as an entire missed day of school. I think this policy needs to be revised. If you show up for school past 10:00 A.M. you are counted as an entire missed day of school. No cell phone usage is allowed, not even at lunch and this policy is strictly enforced. Too many missed days of school and a truancy officer will go to your house. This is not an open school district.
Medina Valley High School is a good school, however it’s in a very tightly knit community and if you’re a new student it can be hard to fit into a friend group. Another down side to this school is how little variety in classes there are, there are no medical classes besides Sports Med and Farmers Veterinarian classes. Most classes are Agriculturally related which is not an interesting field to everyone.
'Good' schools are based on the idea of academic achievement and measures the student's future success. Medina Valley is just like the rest, yet what makes this school extraordinary are the teachers.
Teachers are the real reasons why students succeed. The teachers at Medina Valley didn't revolve their lesson plans around state testing. They separated knowledge, integrity, and obedience and ensured the students know what the difference is. My teachers are who make the school unique and make the experience memorable. My teachers didn't teach content, but ideas.
I would change my school's education system. My school prepares students not for college but for STAR Testing. We are expected to perform at outstanding levels under the same conditions despite our unique learning needs. The teachers make Medina Valley different, it is why Medina Valley prospers and is one of the best schools in Texas because we don't follow typical norms.
Being in the outskirts of San Antonio, Medina Valley always has something to offer. With the town being rather small, students tend to be in close ties with one another. The sports facilities are one of the best i've been too and the results show in the teams regular season record. Medina Valley is known for their administrators whether it's in a good or bad way it's up to you to tell.
I attended Medina Valley from 1984 to 1989. I liked the small town feel and the teacher to student ratio. There were plenty of sports a activities and clubs to choose from. There was motivation to take college preparatory classes. The teachers and counselors at Medina Valley High School both motivated and prepared me for pursuing a college education after my high school graduation.
My sons both attended and graduated from Medina Valley as well. I am proud to be a graduate of the Medina Valley School District class of 1989. My sons and I wear our Panther black and orange with pride.
Medina Valley is a great high school to begin gearing up for college. With their AP and Dual Credit courses increasing by the year, this makes going to college much faster and more affordable.
Well i recently moved here from Northside and Southwest district. Everyone is really nice, but it is a small town and not a lot of diversity as far as students, although they make it clear everyone is welcome. I think the dress code is really strict, and should be altered to be fair.But the district is extremely welcoming.
Although the school have a fair amount of strict rules and seemingly negative intentions, there are many opportunities lying with the halls. There is also a lot of safety and general care for one's well-being.
I like how the current principal runs his school. He cares about the students and tries to make it so that everyone has an enjoyable experience at this school. Although we also have a lot of room for improvement, I have enjoyed my high school career while attending this school,
I am a graduate from Medina Valley high school in which is located in a small town named Castroville, Texas. Being such a small town but also near a big city like San Antonio, the school was continuing to grow as more and more people started move closer. The school was overall a great experience, with exceptional teachers and amazing staff. Where it did lack was the facilities and resources just due to small number of students that attended the district, there was obviously budget cuts and other things that take affect so as students we made do what they offered. I wish there would be more clubs and activities that better fit a more variety of students instead of the normal sports extracurricular. Overall I enjoyed my time there and was an exceptional district to attend.
This school sucks! They always give out essays asking what students do in their free time. Every morning the hallways smell like marijuana, you get in trouble for the littlest and dumbest things. Everyone I talk to here says that they hate it here and can’t wait to leave.
It encourages student activity. There are organizations, clubs and sports for everyone to get involved in. It is also a very traditional school that you can make many memories in.
I liked the amount of credits I was able to earn for college. It saved me money. The teachers were also very nice and supportive.
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Great teachers and Community. Diversity of students. Sports, clubs etc for all kinds of paths for people. Small town and caring staff.
I liked the people from Medina Valley along with the perks of being a well-rounded student such as having days off from school. I would like to see the staff to ease up and allow an open campus.
Medina Valley is a very well educated school with some of the most engaged teachers. Anyone who goes to Medina Valley is more likely to end up successful.
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