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What isn't there to love about the Medina City School District? It is overall an amazing program to go through. I have been in this school district for 12 years now & all my experiences have been wonderful. Most of the teachers that I have had are caring & want to know more about my life outside of class. The staff here cares about their students & they love to invest time into their students. Staff members in here In Medina are very involved with the city/county. Everywhere I go I see them helping and or volunteering. I love Medina city schools & I would never want to go anywhere else!!
I liked some teachers, others were unhelpful and outright rude. My brother has a learning disability and we had to have him switch districts to Wadsworth just to get a paraprofessional.
I like the friendly environment this school has. Everyone is helpful and willing to help each other. Since there are many students here they school change the hallways around to cause less traffic. The school stay pretty clean. The lunch ladies work hard and I enjoy talking to them. They are nice and friendly and make great food. Teachers are there for you when you need someone to talk to.
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This Medina City School district is pretty good compared to other school districts but not the best.
Medina city schools had such an amazing impact on my life. I started attending Medina City schools in fourth grade after a move. After starting at Medina, I realized how much Medina had to offer and all of the superb academics it offered. Medina has prepared me to become an excellent honors, AP, and CCP student in high school and i believe it can prepare everyone for college who is willing to put in the effort. Nearly, every teacher I have had has had a big impact on my life and my future. Medina city schools doesn't need to change much. The only thing I personally would recommend is for them to make the school lunches a bit healthier for all students so they can go on to live a healthy life with the amazing talent of academics they will get from Medina City Schools.
Overall I had a good school career here. Unfortunately though diversity isn't exactly praised like how it should be, and students will pick on other students for that reason. Even when the administration is involved not much happens. I ask that they start supporting diversity and punishing those who are harsh and cruel to others, instead of just giving them a slap on the wrist.
Personally I am the type of student that goes to school to get what needs to be done, done. The teachers there were very helpful throughout each grade and they wanted to see their students grow as people and achieve their goals. Medina is pretty diverse compared to other schools around us. There are a lot of clubs and extra curricular activities that one can join in order to further enjoy their time in high school. Safety was not an issue at my time in Medina.
If I could change anything about Medina it would be the way sports teams are funded. There should be equal funding for each sport in order to give kids from all sports the materials/equipment needed to succeed. This includes the facilities we use like the gymnasium, football field, tennis courts, and baseball field/softball fields.
What I loved about Medina city schools is the ability to be involved around MHS. There so many clubs and spaces to go so everyone has their own space and choices. What I would change is the actual teaching staff. I lucked out when it came to some teachers, but others are under qualified, ill-responsive and just downright mean. The fact that a baseball coach is just throwing a textbook in front of students is NOT teaching.
I loved the support brought by teachers and faculty around all of the city's schools. There is always an adult to talk to about any problems going on in life or school, and they're always willing to try and help you become a better, more successful person. I would like to see the students change their mindset of not welcoming new kids and closing off opportunities for new friends.
I’m currently a senior at Medina High school and I can honestly say I’ve had an incredible ride! I’ve been involved and have many great friends. Teachers for the most part have the best interest of the kids and are there if we need them. Being a part of a large school is something I’m sure I’ll always remeber. Go Bees
I love the sense of community and the opportunities they have provided. I would like to see less budget cuts to help provide for the upcoming students.
My experience at Medina City Schools was very positive.The staff and educators were easy to communicate with and were available to you when necessary. They have good teaching techniques that make it easy to learn and they make students want to learn.
I have enjoyed my experience at Medina High School. The school has many teachers that put their time into their students and have challenged me personally as a student. Medina is always seeking ways on how to make the school better for students. One thing that could be improved is the food at the high school.
I do not see anything special about this school. The only thing we excel at is our music program. The school doesn't care about any club/sport unless it is football or soccer. The lunches are not the best but the soups are excellent. The classes are good, but the teachers are not always the best at teaching the material.
In Medina city schools there is a lot of focus on sports and how to improve and boast about the sports that are played at Medina.
Medina High school really helped me become who I am today. I’ve made so many friends, students and teachers alike, through Medina’s High school. The music program has really helped me grow and become the best person I could possibly be. There are so many resources available and so many faculty members willing to help. The school is FULL of clubs and activities and everyone is very welcoming. All of my classes are fun and entertaining, and the teachers are really amazing and doing their jobs. I’ve gotten really close to so many of my teachers and I see them as close friends who I can tell anything to. I know I can trust everyone at this school to help me move on to college and receive a higher education. I’m glad that I’ve gotten to spend my four years here at this school.
I loved majority of the teachers and the amount of students makes it easy to find other students that’s you get along with
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the food, and how the administration acts with students. the safety of the school district is very good
It was a great school system to come up through. I say this because I gained so many friends and learned so much. All my teachers were so different and helped me out in anyway I asked.
The opportunities provided by the school go unmatched by many other high schools. Everything from academics to sports, to everything in between, medina high school offers students a wide variety of opportunities for all interests in proper preparation for college.
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