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Medina City School District Reviews

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Most of the teachers are absolutely amazing and caring. The school is well organized and revolves pretty heavily around sports. Wish there were more ways for students to get involved and more interactions between faculty and students.
I loved going to medina high school! I met my best friend there and the teachers and staff were always great.
I loved my time at Medina. The teachers were wonderful. I was involved in many clubs, including Band, Choir, and theatre.
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Medina City School District is such a welcoming place with such a wide variety of people and friendly faces. In Medina you could be walking through the halls and see so many people and then continue to see them everywhere in town. I love being apart of Medina City Schools and am proud to be a Medina Bee!
I would love to be able to say my school was great but honestly, it was a piece of crap. The upper staff did not know how to run the school properly and were biased toward certain students. The diversity of the school also sucks.
Medina City School District is a great place for anyone to learn. Our district especially excells in music and other programs throughout the school.
I grew up in my Medina my whole life and I wouldn’t want it any other way! Medina City Schools District is a great community to be in. Academics here are super important to all of the staff and I always felt my education came first every year. Medina gave me my friends that I hold dear to my heart and I couldn’t be more grateful. Only great experiences here at Medina. Go bees!
Medina City Schools is your typical public school district. The positive thing about the schools is that it is involved with the community around it, especially right now. The negative about the district is that the the high school teachers are not very happy with their jobs. They are very judgmental and pick favorites which in my opinion is not very professional.
Medina is a wonderful school filled with opportunities for each and every student to pursue their own dreams in advancing their post-secondary career.
Great student culture and great faculty pushing students through the next stage of life. Sometimes athletics seemed to be placed above academics but I believe that’s common for most schools.
Good school with most buildings being very nice and new other than one or two. Teachers are definitely above average and good at there jobs
The district provides teachers are pretty good and the district is pretty good as well . They treat the students pretty well and they take the time to get to know us and interact with us. They are willing to go out of their way to make sure everything is okay and to make sure no one fails their class. Each elementary school is pretty good. The middle schools are pretty good as well. The high school is great. They have great staff and find ways to make sure students are being involved and no one is left out in things. They have the homecoming game and parade the day before homecoming and everyone in the district and the city of Medina enjoy it. They get to see many sports walk in the parade, some floats, the homecoming queen candidates and they see the award winning Medina Musical Bees. Some of the elementary schools have their own floats which allows elementary students to be involved in the parade. They also have some kids from the middle schools represent their school.
I loved the community and opportunities Medina offered me. Their vast options in the arts, sports, and clubs gave me many wonderful experiences in making friends and giving back to my community.
Medina High school is a very welcome place with many amazing teachers. The atmosphere is very positive.
Overall, I had a very pleasant experience at Medina High School! However, I know some people have very different stories. It just depends on who you hang out with, and what teachers you get. I got lucky between marching band and good teachers.
Moving to Medina from a completely different state was the scariest experience of my life. But Medina is such a warm and caring environment, and is truly a place where all types of students can grow to become the person they truly want to become.
There’s many different options for classes. There’s many college credit plus options that you can get college credit for.
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The Medina City School district is very well in many ways. Medina City Schools provide great learning with very good teachers not only with just academics, but also with life experiences and decisions. They teach you what it is like to be adult. I have lived in Medina since Kindergarten, and I have been very pleased with my experience.
Medina City School District is a REALLY good high school, but with a new levy coming up to push the start time from 7:30 to 8:30, it will drastically impact students abilities to play against other schools in athletic events and the older students' abilities to get jobs, as their availability will be limited if the levy passes. Negatives aside, I've never had a single bad interaction with a teacher, let alone a bad teacher. Most of the teachers (especially at Medina High School) really do care and love what their teaching, which gives a better experience to the students overall. Unless you're worried about getting a job or athletic activities interfering with any other part of your daily life, the Medina City School District is the place to be for your education.
Very large school district with many kids. Academics are good with many classes available including AP and in-school CCP courses. Most teachers enjoy their job and are passionate in teaching.
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