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Like any school district, they are not perfect but they really try. They have an open door to hear concerns and questions about their schools. They rank in the top 15% of schools in the state.
The teachers are very caring and there are a lot of activities for a variety of interests. The majority of the students are there to learn and are supportive of one another.
Teachers and staff were all very nice and willing to help students. The push for higher education from individual teachers would be a good change for the school.
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Being apart of the school district for 12 years I have seen much change and knows what this school district is capable of. Some may not enjoy the small town experience apart of the school but it is what I enjoyed the most out of the many years I've been here. For anyone who may want the more quiet and kind district this is the place for you. Though with my experience depending on what your field of study is I didn't feel like I had that many opportunities to experience any sort of electives or clubs that were amongst my interests.
It was ok. Some teachers are awesome and helpful while others shouldn't be teachers. And the students are very judgmental and peer pressure is everywhere. I would rather not send my own kids here.
When I was in elementary school, I used to get bullied and so my mom and her boyfriend both moved me to the Medical Lake school district in hopes I would make friends. Instantly I felt accepted. They don't tolerate bullying whatsoever, and I continue to be amazed by how great the school district is every year. We as a school are very driven to do good in sports, clubs, and academics making us one of the best schools in Washington. Looking back on this last year, I have accomplished so much. I went to college for a while at Eastern Washington University and learned that straight A's while tackling a job and sports is very unrealistic. I also learned that if I push myself just a little bit more I can accomplish my goals (PRs in track, my first year of soccer, and schoolwork). Though Junior year was hard, I made it through and am on my way to graduating. I am so happy to be a part of the Medical Lake school district.
Medical lake school district was a pretty average school. I have never been to a different one so I guess I have nothing to compare it to but I did not find it really spectacular so I guess it was pretty average. Most of the teachers were good.
Overall the staff is an amazing group of individuals. The only thing I wish to see if a wider variety of classes offered for students.
I enjoy the "small town" feel and the care and attention educators, administrators, and more bring to their jobs.
All most all of my teachers were caring and fun. The way they teached was easy to learn from. I eould change the school lunches and the 24 credit requirement.
The school has a lot of politics floating around it but if you stay clean and off the record it's a great experience. The teachers are nice and generally want you to succeed and help you do so.
I enjoyed the AP and honors courses the most. The teachers were extremely experienced. However, the sports programs were lacking qualified coaches. They are also letting go of some great teachers, which is unfortunate.
The student body was really spirited and everyone knew each other ( mainly because it was so small). Classes were mostly engaging and relevant and teachers worked really hard with us to get us where we needed to be. However, the administration was frustrating at times, they made poor decisions concerning policy and hiring. Some of the teachers that they have brought on the the past few years have been inexperienced and lacked skill but they weren't as expensive to hire because they weren't as qualified. ASB functions were also heavily restricted and student-body fundraisers were often denied with little consideration. In all it was a good school, but for those who were heavily involved in the student leadership structure, flaws were obvious.
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