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I am very pleased with the fact that the medford school district takes their time and puts effort into helping their students. They work hard to make the schools better places and it i s a great group of progressive people
I attend north Medford high school and is one of the best public educations you can get. They have tons of options for sports and tons of rigorous courses. The teachers at north are really compassionate and care to see your doing your best.
My son and daughter have been bullied quite a bit. The district and individual schools have a "zero tolerance" policy, yet take no action
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South medford is a really nice schoool. I like attending it everyday. Teachers are awesome there and car about every students success.
I have spent all of my education career in the North Medford School District, and I can honestly say that there is no other school that I'd rather be attending. The teachers that I've had, have been so supportive and understanding. They push all of their work to the side in order to focus all of their attention on you to make sure that you understanding the work. They have all made my Senior year less stressful and give me the extra push I need to move forward to college. If it wasn't for my teachers, I wouldn't have the motivation I do today.
I liked the schools I attended in the Medford school district. One of the major issues I would like to see changed is I want the sophomores of South Medford High School to be able to park in the student parking lot.
Very good about making sure that every student gets the most out of their education. Also by making sure that the schools are protected with School resource Officer.
I really like my high school teachers because they are very nice and committed to their jobs. The things that I want to change is the food and the Spanish curriculum because it is too slow
I loved the school spirit and overall positive energy around the school. I wish they would have talked about college more and the process of applying to school and scholarships more. I wouldn’t have wanted to attend and be a graduate of any other high school. Forever and always a South Medford Panther!
I like how the teachers really seem to care whether I do well or not. They also seem to care about me as a person. I would like to see more diversity as well as more encouragement in being an individual and a leader rather than just being one tornado. We also have great classes and facilities. The school also has a planetarium and a day care center.
I love my school!! I have had such a great experience being able to do everything I want while taking all my necessary classes. I have loved every teacher I've ever had, even if I hated the class. The Medford School District has an awesome way of running things. I honestly can't really say anything negative about it. I love my district and I especially love my school.
I really enjoyed my time at the Medford School District. I went to South Medford High School for my junior and senior year. The teachers were excellent and they really seemed like they enjoyed teaching and knew how to teach it without being to boring. I think the best teacher that I had there was my algebra 2 teacher. We both were Seattle Seahawks fans and so we got along pretty well. He was a stern yet fair teacher. He shared numerous stories from his childhood.

Overall, the academics there were taught very well. The teachers helped students when they needed help. The school had a specialized time called office hours where students could go talk to teachers if they had any questions about a assignment or if they had missing work. Some students were required to go to office hours because they had a lot of missing work.
I love how the teachers are so invested in the kids. I have had 5 kids that have and 2 that are attending Washington elementary school. There is a lot of school spirit and the teachers are very involved! I also love that they recite the pledge of allegiance every morning. They communicate with parents to let them know what is needed at home. All of my kids have school pride and that keeps them interested!
I really enjoyed the teachers in the Medford School District. The majority really care about their students.
It was an ok experience, and I have made amazing friends that i still talk to. However, Medford High School needs to make new changes in staff and in need of new books for English classes
I like how many of the teachers are willing to help students with school work . Teachers will also help with out side issues that might be happening. I wish the school distract wouldn't fight giving people IEP'S that a students need it. I wish teacher would just check for ieps on students so I didn't have to tell each and everyone of them.
I went through the Medford School District from K-12 and had an amazing experience. All of the schools are focused on safety and creating opportunities for all students. The teachers and staff employed by the Medford School District care about the students they work with and hope for the success of all students. The only downside I experienced with the Medford School District was the lack of persistence in the grading criteria for the district as a whole, but specifically with the high schools.
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The Medford School District overall is very good at preparing students for college. However, it would be nice to see more of a diverse community and involvement of everyone.
I have been attending school in the Medford School District since I was in kindergarten. There are many things I do like about this school district. They will always try and make everyone feel welcome and they will go out of their way to help students succeed. Although, there are a few things I would change about this school district. For example, we have proficiency grading. This is a grading system where students can retake tests and turn assignments in late but still receive credit. This is a big issue here. This grading system is not holding kids accountable for their work. They become irresponsible and don't turn their work in on time. They can also retake tests if they didn't do well the first time. This grading system is not preparing students for college and is giving them terrible work ethic. Proficiency grading needs to be changed to help students prepare for college.
From dodgeball tournaments in 5th grade to yearly playoff contention all through high school, the Medford School District made my participation in sports a highly memorable one. The coaching I received in high school helped me tremendously with my skills as an athlete but also with my ability to work as a team whether on the field or in the workforce. The skills I learned enabled me to live out my dreams of playing college soccer and becoming a small business owner at the age of 21.
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