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Teachers are pretty good but some are just plain evil. It's not easy making friends if you're not popular but everyones got at least one
Medford Public Schools is a delightful and diverse education system, in which so much occurs and so little is noticed.
I have lived in Medford my whole life and was a student at the Medford public elementary, middle and high schools. Now that I am a senior, I can honestly say I feel more than prepared for college. Some of the teachers can be difficult to handle in terms of workload but generally speaking, the more work you get, the more it pays off.
The AP courses are difficult and based on what I have heard from MHS alumni it's worth it and you sometimes even feel over prepared for college. Students here have been accepted to some of the most prestigious universities in the country like Harvard and Yale. As a student of color, there will always be times when you stand out but MHS does make a very large effort to be inclusive and let all student's voices be heard which I am proud of.
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Medford high is a pool of people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Coming in as a junior I was welcomed into my grade and easily made friends. The school does a wonderful job utilizing the resources they have been given. It a place that challenges you to be your best and aids those who need guidance or motivation.
Medford High School is a great school to attend. First and for most, the staff of MHS is great, I haven't seen one teacher reject a student's concerns. All the teacher have great materials the students learned from. MHS' student's diversity is growing exponentially. The student's school spirit is amazing, all the staff and the students are always proud to wear the Mustang colors. My experience at Medford High School was pretty good, the first year I came everyone was very welcoming to me and they were not bothered to show me where to go when I use to get lost. The students made me fill comfortable being in the school. I think Medford High School is a great school to go to, everyone makes you fill at home.
Medford High School has been a great experience for me. I made new friends, grown, and learned new things. I also feel in love with football with I started playing freshman year. Never have I thought that I would have a passion for something like this. I always enjoyed sports, but nothing like this.
The school is pretty great. The only thing I would want to see a change in, is where the money goes. It’s seems like a lot of it goes into sport and the vocational school, meanwhile in the high school, we have bathrooms with broken doors, cracks in the sealing, and no heat.
What I enjoy about Medford Public schools is that they really care about the students. The teachers are great and very well educated. The building at the high school could use some repairs, but overall the quality of the education is great.
The administration is bad, all they do is punish students and give everyone detention for the dumbest things. I along with many others got humiliated and kicked out of class for wearing a headwrap. I don’t feel like I learn at my best potential from this school and the pizza tastes like literal cardboard, they might as well feed us paper and put us all in a cage because I feel like a trapped hampster in that school THERE IS NO FREEDOM.
The School System is average and we learn all there needs to be known for the next step which is college.
Medford Public schools are overall very diverse. There are students from all around the world. Teachers there are either really good or just don't care. overall, I would say academically the public schools are pretty good. Clubs and activities are also fun to join. Clubs range from cultural to just plain old fun. I would have to complain about 3 main things; the bathrooms, heating and cooling, and the food. The food there is just plain nasty. Students should have the choice of eating healthier choices provided by the school. I would say that college readiness is pretty okay at the school. Guidance counselors are provided to each grade and are always open to talk. The schools rate an overall 3 stars because there is definitely room for improvement, both on the schools and the people inside them.
Medford High includes a good portion of diverse students. The education is average and the extracurricular activities are basic. This school lacks educating its students on the social, political, and economic situations that take places in around the world.
The system is broken, many of the rules in place suppress almost every form of liberty that students have the right to.
Teachers are the reason the rating is high, curriculum is why it is low. There is little to no class choice, and Common Core was just being implemented which teachers didn't know how to teach, making learning very frustrating for students. Superintendent is terrible, principle of Medford High School is mediocre, and the system as a whole is pretty corrupt from the School Committee all the way down.
There were a lot of things I liked about going to school in Medford. There were a decent amount of resources, lots of diversity, and good teachers. The food has never been great and the arts tend to be underfunded.
Medford High School Senior, here. I've lived in this town my whole life and, going to Tufts next year, I plan to do so for quite-a-while. The hallways are dirty and the parking lot is a mess, but that stuff doesn't matter. Medford shines in its people.
I know that sounds cliche, but I've had some really incredible teachers here, especially in our English and History departments. We've got some true characters in this big concrete jail sell who, if I might say, deserve to get paid more.
Everyone has an influential teacher in high school that helped to point them in the right direction, but Medford's got a few. In fact, I can think of ten extraordinary people that I can not WAIT to come back and visit next year; not a lot of schools can say that.
I'm so privileged to have been raised in a place like this. Medford's a diverse place half-way between America's greatest college town & the Middlesex Fells. Raise your kids here, you won't regret it.
From the beginning of my academic career, I’ve attended Medford Public Schools and I’ve always found myself content with my surroundings and the people I grew up with. But through my high school experience at Medford High, I’ve had eye opening discoveries that the city I live in isn’t the most diverse place through ethics and morals, but rather just the mere appearance. I’ve faced social struggled and have still found myself to push through and make the best out of my time here. I hope there is a change in the social and community environment between different ethnic groups to promote more acceptance and respect.
I started going to school in Medford in 6th grade when I moved from Somerville. Middle school was a great experience, I had some cool teachers and very few hardos. High School was interesting, most of my classes were standard but every year I'd get 1-2 teachers who either were bad at teaching or moved too fast whether or not students understood the topics. The principal, Dr. Perella is a great guy who really cares about the students. The school is not very well known for sports. Lastly, the school is pretty ugly, it's very old and looks like a prison. The science lab building which was recently renovated looks very nice.
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Medford high school was warm and welcoming to new students, either first year, international or transfer. I was a transfer and had a different/ amazing experience.
You can learn very much, but teachers need improvement, especially when selecting their favorites. Some very biased and racisst teachers.
I've been at Medford Public Schools all my life and I can truly say I enjoyed it. The academics and the sports they provide are very good. There was always something to do after school with the clubs and activities in high school. With the diversity, it was nice to make friends. The teachers were amicable and truly cared for you. The school lunch could have been better, though they tried to make advancements, as well as the administration could have been more understanding instead of just demanding .
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