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Great school in rural area! Lots of opportunities to become involved and staff are very interested in students. Not a high level of diversity but still welcoming.
AMAZING teachers and staff! Small town atmosphere where all the teachers know every student, but the options and special classes of a larger school!
Medford is small school, but that means that you get the chance to know everybody in your grade and many of those outside of it as well. I have been personally involved in many of the extra curricular activities at Medford Public School and I can feel the sense of connection and belonging within many of the groups I was involved in. It is easy to see that the teachers really care about their students and they always make themselves available for the student if they need anything. Although Medford is a pretty great place to go to school and live, there are some things that could be improved in the school. Our auditorium is used for many things including plays, musicals, concerts, presentations, etc but the stage is beat up and worn out and I would like to see some of the school budget put towards making the school better for what it has instead of trying to enhance it with special technology like televisions or digital signs.
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My name is Joshua de la Rosa, I graduated from Medford High School on 2014. My graduating class was about 65 students, so it was a pretty small graduating class. but that’s definitely didn't affect my experience. One of the best experience at Medford High School was being able to know all of my teacher and student name and also having a relationship, and going to them about your ups and your downs. But now all High School are perfect. Some of the things that i would liked to change would be having more options for alternative class, like I understand its a small school but if you can have a broader option of what student can choose for classes that they are actually interested in.
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