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The teachers were very good in making sure the material is taught well and that they make sure everyone understands it while making the day fun at the same time
Medfield Public Schools used to be great. It was a great school system but within the last few years the schools have focused more on academics, pushing kids to go to college and pushing kids out into the world with little to no basic life skills. The things they teach in classes are things you will never need to know in life, and you come out of school with all the knowledge in the world on useless information and no clue what a tax return is. Medfield did a good job preparing students for writing in college, I felt well prepared in that aspect, but pretty much everything else taught was never needed at college.
If you have a child that requires special eduction for learning disabilities this is not the place to be. We have had to fight for what our son needs since grade 1 and have had a private tutors since them. One way teaching style does not work for kids with learning disabilities. Public schools need to figure out how to teach to all kids in a respectful way and cultivate a positive experience for all. We finally moved our son to private school (no thanks to Medfield) and is now 6 years later he is getting the right structured learning approach and is thriving. By law children are entitled to a free and appropriate eduction, after years of being fed up in Medfield it was my choice to do everything possible and take the financial burden, he clearly was not set up to succeed.
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Great academics with a variety of classes and great teachers. This school prepares children well for life after high school.
Love MHS. It has great teachers who really care about students and gives plenty oppertunities to get good grades.
There was not a lot of mental health support from the staff. I would like to see more outspoken support for LGBT students and an effort to stop bullying.
The school system is great I feel challenged but am able to keep up with my work and get good grades. I feel prepared for tests and presentations. I do feel safe in school however, I do not feel included all the time. The school itself is good but the school culture needs work. The school emphasizes sports teams over everything else. My experience with Medfield Public Schools is that they do not take action in problems if it involves someone on a sports team.
The Medfield Public School System offers a rigorous and extensive education to its students. The learning environment is competitive and high achieving. The school system offers many opportunities to students with a variety of talents.
I received a superior education that prepared me for college. Medfield schools are now some of the best in the state, even better than when I was a student, and people seek to move to Medfield specifically for the schools.
fine for a public school. teachers very, students are fine but the diversity is none and people are very racist and not accepting to most other then white catholics.
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