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I got a high quality education from MCPS. The teachers are great, but the facilities need to be upgraded or a new school built. They need to focus more on getting students ready for college not tests.
North Mecklenburg is a great school for IB student give you hard and rigorous agenda which prepare you for college.
I feel that they teach a little bit okay but they could strengthen their teaching methods. Also I feel that CMS needs to work on keeping their facilities in a more cleaner manner.
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I want to see the academic level of the school increase because we are getting the bare minimum while other schools offer more advanced classes. Also I would like to see more diverse sports like lacrosse and swimming instead of the basic sports. Also other groups like the marching band and drama club do not receive much funding from the school but football and cheerleading do. There should be equal support throughout the school.
I would love for art and music to be more involved they statistically have shown to help students. Both of the two have been shown to help with memory with other subjects such as English, math, and sciences. If these are placed into curriculum more often grades would be significantly higher.
Mecklenburg County Public School fosters a good environment for students, staff, and the community. Like any other school district, it has its downfalls and places where it excels. I do have to say that the MCPS school board may be selling the teachers short by not going to the Board of Supervisors inquiring on a county-wide teacher and bus driver wage (that is not 0.5%) they instead go to get $100 million dollars in funding for a school the majority of the community did not want. They are selling their students short by not offering classes that most schools in larger communities have, like French, Physics, etc. They are selling their community short by not adequately preparing students for careers in the workplace that does not deal with Car Mechanics, Cooking, Carpentry, Farming, or Nursing. There are currently 16 career clusters and MCPS has not risen to fulfill not one completely.
I like the fact that they tried to do better in a lot of things in school. what i would like to see change is some teachers favoritism to other students.
Mecklenburg County Public Schools has a lot of school options across the county. This availability helps with choosing the right school for commuting purposes. The quality of teaching can vary by class or school as some teachers have not been as effective as others. The administration overall could use some work as some policies and procedures do not benefit the student.
The county needs to find more qualified teachers to teach the students to the best of their ability. Although, they struggle in other areas, the county takes the safety of their students very seriously and do whatever it takes to protect them. The county tries to make the food and facilities the best they can so the students are in a satisfactory environment where they can thrive.
I like the diversity. I would change off days and the ability for students to start college readiness class as a freshman instead of a junior.
At Mecklenburg County Public Schools, I met a few teachers that helped me decide that I would like to become a teacher myself. Also, there were technology resources that were better than some counties that I've seen. However, I would like to see a pay raise brought to the teachers that are employed here and I would also like to see an updated school building with matching technology resources. The school has been there for many years and it is much need of an upgrade.
What I liked about Charlotte Meckleburg Schools is by being able to participate in Sports in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Schools. To also see that our school provides knowledgeable coaches that care about their students and their wellbeing. Encouraging them physically and mentally. Staying focused on their grades and by helping the students find a college to go to.
The school board doesn't show they care, from the mold food to the lack of matnience. For example, in one of my classes most of the floor tile is gone leaving aspetus out in the open. It has been that way since last school year. Even though the building is in poor shape, the staff within the walls are incredible. They try their best to help their students understand the material, even staying late some days to help students in need.
Mecklenburg County Public Schools is one of the best school systems in the surrounding area. Being in a rural area, we don't have a lot of resourses compared to bigger cities, but we are gaining these resources quickly.
As a current student in one of the Mecklenburg County Public Schools district, so much has happened and I a lot of things could be done better.
Poor food and facilities and environment for eager dedicated children. The administration is also poor, as well as some of the teachers and the academics. On the other hand, the sports and the diversity of this school is fairly good
Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools was average, because the teacher always put 50 into what you do. they will help and find a way for you. they treated us like we was thier kids. CMS can change about them is the structure they expect for the kids.
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What I really like about mecklenburg county schools and appreciate are the teachers and their hard work to try and make a change in our schools. As personal experience I have had teachers that have helped me through a lot of struggles in my academic and personal life and for that I'm really grateful. In my opion something that mecklenburg county schools need to work on is the way they zone schools. There are students who live right next door to a school and have to go somewhere 30 minutes away because of their income I truly believe that should change.
It's okay. We're a pretty broke county, so I don't expect much from our school-board. However, it would be nice if they had changed the schedule so we didn't have to come in until ten in the morning, but since it's my last year, I don't really care anymore.
I feel as if Niche is perfect the way it is. It has all the scholarships already up and ready to go.
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