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Mechanicville City School District Reviews

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Teachers don't really care about the students, the students are rude and uncaring, everyone vapes everywhere, and there's no ceilings or floors.
It’s a pretty average school, it’s nothing too bad, but nothing to brag about either. There’s the mix of good and bad teachers. There’s not a lot of bullying which is great, but i’d like too see more student and teacher diversity and more clubs. This is not likely to happen due to the small size of the school, but it would be nice.
Small school. Faculty is very involved in helping students succeed. Small school also means that there are not a lot of programs
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The school has problems like most, especially within the guidance and administration offices. But the teachers are great!
Mechanicville City School is a small school with about 100 students in each class. Here, they offer sports, music, and drama club activities. There are also a few great teachers!
I graduated in 2017- Mechanicville has me with memories of friends and teachers that I will cherish my whole life!
Had a wonderful and meaning education at MHS. Close nit student body and staff. They prepared me for college,and walk out into the real word at my college of choice FIT in NYC. Thanks again Mechanicville High School for everything.
I like the closeness of the community. Everyone knows everyone. You're not in a graduating class where you don't know most of the people's names. What I would like to see changed is the general facilities. Getting more up-to-date facilities which will hopefully be coming with the building project.
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