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Mechanicsburg Exempted Village School District Reviews

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it’s a pretty good school but it’s more close to average it has really great teachers who prepare you for the real world and have a special connection with the students
My time of 9 years in Mechanicsburg School District was what I feel to be the best possible experience while attending elementary, junior high and high school. This school is a small school that provides a small student vs teacher ratio, gives individualized attention and support and the true feeling of love from all staff. The only thing I would change at our school would be the food options. Aside from that, I would not change anything about Mechanicsburg School District.
Mechanicsburg High School is an amazing school where everyone knows each other due to it being so small. The teachers are uplifting and driven to get you to succeed. You will always have classmates that are willing to help you and can always find a friend in the staff if you are troubled in school. This school truly is a family and sticks together to grow each student as an individual.
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Mechanicsburg is a small hometown school where everyone knows everyone. In my opinion though I wouldn't want it any other way. All the students at Mechanucsburg supports each others dreams. The teachers and administration help the students stay on track to achieve what they want. The FFA program at Mechanicsburg is unlike any other; members are pushed out of their comfort zones to achieve greatness. Even if you aren't into ag, Mechanicsburg offers many competitive sports programs with excellent coaches.
Mechanicsburg High School is the place I go every morning with the assurance that I am safe and will be given the best education possible. The students at Mechanicsburg High School are very supportive of each other and help around when needed. They are very hard-working and often get comments from outside sources that we are the ¨Best Small School In Ohio¨. The administration is always enthusiastic about learning and gives students the best environment possible to ensure they are getting the proper education. They are always open to talk about anything with students and are very supportive of sports teams, clubs, and academics.
What I like about the Mechanicsburg Exempted School District is that the small size makes for a safe environment, sadly, that is really the only thing that makes it worthwhile. In regards to things like sports, the school really only focuses on the football team. There are also no field trips for the high school except for those revolving around the FFA. Additionally, there is no diversity, the percentage of white students is in the high 90’s and the school doesn’t make a point of learning about other cultures, which leads to a very narrow-minded student population.
This is definitely a small town school by all measures. The staff at this school have favorites, the college preparedness is very lacking, the HS principal is a joke, there isn't much for extra curricular here, and the bullying at this school is out of hand. I would definitely choose a better school.
It is an okay place. It has a lot of drugs and drinking. We have had kids die of drug overdose and drinking and driving. However, the kids and the parents are involved sports. We are a very small town and that can be good and bad. The principle has his favorite and if you are not one of his favorites then your life in school will be hard.
Mechanicsburg is a very close school. K-12 are all in the same building. The school is nice for families from tiny towns. At school you will never not have to worry about not knowing anyone because everyone knows everyone and everything.
I transferred to Mechanicsburg high school when I was in second grade. I had severe ADHD and my previous school did not assist me in a way that was helpful or productive. Switching here, I was nervous and scared of all the new faces but within the year I made friendships that have lasted all through the years and are still strong to this day. The school also made sure that I had all the help I needed to learn properly and stay on task. Now in high school, the teachers still connect to the students and help everyone to the best of their abilities. I have felt like I have received the best treatment as a student and as a human being here. I would not dream of going anywhere else either.
It's a great place. The environment is amazing there. The teachers are very interactive with the students and no one is uncared for.
I like that the school is newer. But I don't like 90% of the teachers, or the new principle. I also don't like that we don't have any clubs, and it seems like the teachers and the principle don't care about you and don't want you to succeed.
We have lots of pride here at Mechanicsburg but by education standards things are pretty lack luster. I don't feel like I'm ready for a college experience while going here. There are also a lack of extra curricular activities here
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